Ekam World Peace Programme 9-15 August 2020

10 million people can’t be wrong and 10 million people meditating together for a different aspect of Peace daily creates a powerful impact for every one of us. Every day, 10+ million people around the world are coming together in their hearts, homes and workplaces for a live, 1 x hr meditation programme to create and experience a powerful field of #JustPeace - zoom ID 821 0504 8253 ...

Just Peace: Ekam World Peace Festival 2020

Ekam World Peace Festival is a movement in Consciousness. Over a million people join online in a meditation that is relayed from Ekam for 7 days to bring Peace to Human Consciousness. A beautifully run series of daily teaching & practices created with a huge amount of integrity and authentic support for the welfare, harmony and transformation of human consciousness. Please join us everyday ...

Moon Meditations for renewal & magical change

Allow lunar energies to flow into your physical and energy body for renewal. Dependent on on specific phases of the Moon, different energies from the moon flow through you. Out with the redundant old and in with the new! Meditate together with Yolanda on the New Moon and Full Moon each month and enable a new Lunar phase to re-ignite your life twice a month ...

June 2020: Get a powerful lunar boost this June this with Moon Meditations

What do you want from this June? Every month we have a new opportunity to engage with a new cycle of creation ... while we mark our month by the Gregorian calendar, the ancients marked it by lunar cycles whose energy increased from every New Moon, peaked with every Full Moon and diminished over the 6+ days after every Full Moon. Join us this June 2020 to meditate & manifest together with the Moons

Breathing Room - Meditations for Calm and Inspiration

Simple guided meditations designed to help you feel ease, clarity, strength and inspiration in everyday life, work, relationships and abundance

3 Conscious Breaths: The Art of Happiness Practice

How do you wake up feeling in the morning? Did you know that before you even get out of bed, your mind and mood are already setting the tone for the rest of your day? Do you wake up feeling happy? Or do you wake up feeling dread, fear, anxiety or anticipating stress? Here's a fast way to Pause and be More Present to Life ...


There are so many advantages to meditation. Meditation is as powerful. Here is the definitive list of benefits that meditation can provide you with … psychically, psychologically and spiritually …

MEDITATION BASICS: How to live a more beautiful life

There are thousands of different ways to meditate ... Here's a few of the basics you may like to check before you begin

Meditation: The Pathway to Your Intuition and Happiness

Meditation is the pathway to your inner guidance, your intuition or 'natural inner knowing'. For millions it is the pathway to connecting deeply with your inner self and innate inner guidance, to release stress and invoke more peace and happiness into you everyday life ....

7 Minute Practice to Move into High States of Consciousness

Often, we have seen that people’s lives are so busy that they do not have the luxury of spending hours a day practicing various meditative practices ... there is an extremely powerful and simple practice you could do for simply 7 minutes each day that would bring you into a lasting state of inner awareness resulting in deeper states of inner peace and well-being as well as advancing you forward ..