How to Use the Power of Moon Phases to Increase your Abundance

When you live more fully by the natural cycles and rhythms of the universe, the New and Full Moons can keep you in an abundant flow

The changing phases of the New and Full Moon can help you set goals, create more abundance and connect more deeply with your own inner wisdom.

When you consider that we are all pulled and affected by Earth’s rotations and gravity, it becomes quite obvious that we, too, move in and out of cycles.

Ancient wisdoms and cultures knew this: they would use the moon to farm, to fish and conceive, to celebrate milestones.

Abundance is an emotion ...

Each phase of the moon can categorized as either a yin or a yang phase and working with these phases is a major key to bringing all forms of real abundance into existence.

Yang phases are about doing and moving forward and are more action-oriented:
The yin phases remind us to slow down, rest reflect, review, renew and allow yourself to connect inwardly more.

New Moons are a yin energy phase

Yin phases remind us to slow down, rest, stop pushing through life and start flowing with it.

Now is the time to be kinder to yourself and draw back to connect inwardly more.

It is one of the most beneficial times in a lunar cycle to release unwanted emotions, habits and beliefs in preparation for new beginnings, literally and figuratively.

It’s usually accompanied by a feeling of calm optimism and focused clarity.

New Moon Meditations are to initiate, plan, prepare and clean

In our New Moon Meditations we identify what’s no longer serving us and go through a beautiful guided mediation to cleanse our consciousness for the next new phase of our lunar cycle.

Full Moons – a yang energy phase

Yang energy is action-orientated … it is a time when the light reveals and clarifies your intentions and goals and you take action to manifest them.

Full Moon Meditations are for creativity and manifestation

In Full Moon Meditations you clarify your heart-felt desires and experience a beautiful guided meditation to learn how to specifically move forward to create a life you love.


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