Intuitive psychic Readings to help you work through life's transitions and achieve your best potential in life, love and business

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Do you ....

  • Have questions about your future while going through a big life transition - such as divorce, illness, job loss, etc?
  • Have a big dream and need guidance to manifest it?
  • Have questions about the next right steps for your business or life?
  • Feel stuck and need help getting out of your rut?
  • Need some fresh insights about a relationship or situation?
  • Need some intuitive/creative ideas about marketing your business?

These are just some of the challenges Yolanda's clients face and when a psychic reading can be of enormous help to you

"After your Reading my life did an amazing 360 degree turn around in less than 3  months ...

  • I have a new home overlooking at beautiful park in an awesome suburb,
  • I was offered a new job out of the blue which I love and have accepted
  • And I'm off to see my family overseas

Life's totally amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Yolanda".

Rita Haagner, Auckland NZ

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Gold and Silver Personal Readings

Intuitive psychic Readings to help you work through life's transitions and achieve your best potential in life, love and business

Your GOLD Reading

Yolanda reads all aspects of who you are and how you can create a great, abundant and more beautiful life for yourself, now and in the future - comprehensive, detailed, accurate - 60 mins+ ... READ MORE

Our most popular Reading

We can cover a lot for you in a Silver personal psychic reading

Your SILVER Reading

30+ mins ... A 'mini-view' of where you are and how to move forward into more happiness - focused, detailed, precise READ MORE

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Business-specific Readings

Business and Career Readings

Business and Career Readings

Focused, accurate, detailed strategies for business and career professionals. Save your valuable time and money and make wise, fully informed, business decisions and career choices - 1 hr $295

1-on-1 Intuitive Consultations

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Yolanda's readings are amazingly accurate

'Absolutely amazing! Perfect, very accurate ... what a break through.

Thank you so much, Yolanda'.

Selina Australia

‘My Gold Reading was a Birthday gift from a dear friend of mine at a time when I was really struggling ...

It was wonderful, positive and very reaffirming … exactly the guidance I needed to feel confident taking the first steps into the next stage of my life.

If my subconscious feelings and worries were the fog, then Yolanda’s reading for me was the sun which shone light on them and dissipated them from my path forward.

Thank you so much, Yolanda! I’ll treasure this reading for a long time’.

A Singh (talented) Graphic Design Student 2018

Her readings are vivid and directional

"Sitting in Yolanda 's space is very special. It's too mysterious for words, but somehow she manages to silently holler out to angels, draw them close, open the psychic envelopes they deliver, and 'read' the contents.

Her readings are vivid and directional, though there's never any suggestion of her 'telling' you what to do next. All of us have our own choices to make, after all, or we can't call our lives our own. But the clues and insights that she offers can make the puzzle pieces of your present dilemmas fall into place, no matter how snarled up they seem when you walk in her door.

There's great kindness too, which comes from having come through tough times of her own. Don't forget the bubbly sense of humour either. All in all, she's an exceptional experience."

Lindsey Dawson, Author, speaker, True Story Central, Auckland NZ

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