Your psychic reading can guide you towards more happiness, inspiration, fun and success in your everyday life and work.

Intuitive psychic readings guiding you towards more happiness, love, inspiration, productivity, fun and success in everyday life and business

Do you need new perspectives, clarity, accuracy, practical information, fresh insights and inspiration?

Your clairvoyant, psychic reading can provide you with -

  • More clarity and perspective about the next right steps for your business, work or life

  • You can have all your questions answered about your future while going through a big life transition - such as divorce, illness, job loss, etc

  • You'll get inspiration, confidence and clarity about what works best for you over the next 1-3+ years

  • Would you like some fresh insights about a relationship or situation?

  • You can get insights and clarity into a big dream so you can manifest it,

  • You'll get help when you're feeling stuck and see how to get out of a rut,

  • Your psychic reading gives you accurate and practical guidance on how to create new directions in your life and work

  • All your questions are answered.

Gold Readings

Your Gold Reading will show you a detailed, maxi-view of where you are now and how to move forward in all areas of your life with confidence, clarity, confidence and success.

You'll learn about the qualities and gifts of your own names, those past lives that are contributing or completing to the quality of your life now, your health, finances, your spiritual journey and the easiest way for you to access your own inner guidance more fully.

You'll be able to see clearly how to resolve challenges or problems - loved ones, relationships both personal and professional, your property, even work issues and trends.

Your questions are answered - usually before they are asked.

Over the years, Yolanda’s clients say she’s given them life-changing information that has worked unexpectedly well for them in their business and personal lives.

Our most popular Reading - 60+ mins

Silver Personal Readings

You'll receive a focused 'mini-view' of where you are now and how to move forward with clarity, confidence and ease.

You can see specific areas of your life and a condensed view of what's going on around you at the time of your reading.

Your questions are all answered and you'll get the clarity and solutions you  need to move forward now.

30+ mins

Business Readings

Do you have questions about your future career or business while going through a big life transition - such as divorce, illness, job loss, etc?

Do you want to feel inspired, confident and clear about what works best for your business or your career over the next 12 to 36+ months?

Business Readings guide you to making clear, informed choices that you are emotionally and professionally in alignment with.

They save your valuable time, money and resources and guide you clearly to moving forward with confidence and clarity.

Business Reading are generous, detailed, practical and fully recorded for your on-going referral.

Accurate and intuitive clairvoyant

Yolanda Cholmondeley-Smith

A compassionate, practical, fun psychic clairvoyant, intuitive guide and teacher, Yolanda is known for her humour and direct skill in quickly shifting people out of psychological and spiritual difficulties and into a healthier, happier, revitalised energy flow.

Jikiden Reiki Levels 1 & 2 with Frank Arjava Petter

1 Sept to 8 Sept 2024, Auckland New Zealand

Frank Arjava Petter is acknowledged world-wide as a pioneer in the revival and re-awakening of the original Japanese Reiki tradition.

Jikiden Reiki is Reiki Teaching from the original authentic Japanese lineage. The Japanese word ‘Jikiden’ means ‘direct transmission’. You will experience Reiki in its original beauty and simplicity.

Book now for this exceptional (and rare) opportunity to learn the Original Reiki with International Teacher and Author, Arjava. I'm going - you'll love it!!

Learn Usui Reiki with Yolanda

Fast pain and stress relief, improved emotional & physical health, accelerated creativity, increased well-being & productivity, intuition and problem-solving, are just a few of the many profound Benefits of Reiki.

There's so many more benefits for yourself and loved ones.

Taught fully, Usui Reiki is magical!

Sat & Sun 6 & 7 July '24     9.30-3.30pm >>

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