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Do you have concerns about your future? Your health? Your goals? Do you need guidance regarding family or romantic relationships? Do you want to enrich and maximise your business or career?

  • Do you want to enrich your personal and professional life and relationships?
  • Are you looking for an understanding of what the future holds?
  • Do you want to empower yourself to take new directions in life?
  • Are you looking for new and profitable directions in which to take your business or career?


Totally professional and so very accurate a reflection of my life and business. It covered all aspects - private and business - with clarity, and picked up on the reality of my life. I cannot think of any other way I could have gained any more than I already have. Thank you so very much.

Gael Gordon, GM Tahi Pacific Ltd based in Auckland NZ

You are right on the money as usual

I am off to meet with [company name] in Melbourne next week!!! Thank you so much for your good wishes and for your support of my brand. Of all the readings I have had done over the years you have been the most accurate…

— Ros Torrance, CEO at Art A Face based in Auckland NZ

Yolanda, your insights are hugely valuable and right on the mark.

As a professional business woman, being able to access to such practical, relevant and valuable information in such a professional and speedy way is extremely useful. Your services have certainly enhanced my decision-making resources!

— Hannah Samuel, Speaker & author at Captive Audience based in New Zealand

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Yolanda's readings are amazingly accurate ...

'Absolutely amazing! Perfect, very accurate - what a break through. Thank you so much, Yolanda' (Selina Australia).

Yolanda’s reading gave me exactly what I needed at a time when I was searching for answers about the future direction of my business...

The clarity, insights and peace of mind I obtained about my business and properties were worth gold... I received so much value from my initial business reading from Yolanda I came back for a further reading on my investment properties...
Without hesitation I highly recommend a business reading or two with Yolanda to anyone in business...

— Steve Grounds, Results Management Group based in Waikato NZ

My whole reading felt like having my inner voice or my extended mind talking to me – skillfully and precisely.

Instead of my usual, daily, fragmented thoughts rotating in my mind, my reading manifested as an actual clear, accurate voice. It helped me identify life-changing priorities and to determine which choices will work best for me. My confidence in my inner self has returned. Thank you so much for the reading today – it calmed me on a very deep level and I’m deeply grateful.

— Julia Giertz, Lund University based in Sweden

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