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Intuition Tips for Everyday Use

Everyone has intuition, don’t they?

Your intuition's just like a muscle which needs working to make it more useful, so this month I’m including some new tips and practises to easily grow using your intuition for everyday practical solutions.

Want to learn how to trust using your intuition more accurately?

A clear, calm mind sees, knows or feels the difference between a thought (mind generated) and an intuition.

Your thoughts are repetitive, can be self-talk, are rarely true and the speed or intensity can vary at different times of day.

Feeling overwhelmed, or that there isn’t enough time in a day, are thought-generated emotions.

The speed or slowness of your thinking can be influenced by many things, including what and how you eat, your sleep patterns and even how you exercise.

Unconsciously we believe most of our thoughts are true. A closer inspection shows this isn’t necessarily so!

When your mind is calmer and happier your auric field expands metres beyond your body

When your mind is calmer, your auric field expands metres beyond your body and you’re more peaceful, optimistic and energised. Your expanded energy field then impacts everyone around you positively. People, loved ones, clients and colleagues are more responsive, less negative or argumentative, happy, productive and resourceful. So are you!

The same goes for when you’re tired, unhappy, angry, anxious, unhealthy – your invisible but tangible auric energy field is closer to your body and you impact others around you negatively. How many times have you wanted to move away (mentally and physically) from someone expressing negative emotions or actions or simply ‘having a bad day’?

Learning to trust your Intuition

Spend time nurturing and connecting with the calm ocean of peace within you.

You can do this by simply slowing your breath – fast shallow breathing equals fast thoughts racing.

Below are some simple, easy to practice and free breathing exercises to connect more deeply with your inner ‘ocean of peace’.

It’s in this deep inner space you can ask a question of your inner guidance, universal intelligence or intuition. While the answer may or may not come immediately, it will come and it pays to watch how it’s delivered in your outer world – often in simple but very unexpected ways.

It's really marvellous how this works so practice staying aware.

Learn the difference between thoughts and intuition

As you know, its hard to describe an intuitive response clearly as many of us 'intuit' differently.

It is a sense of knowing, however its felt - whether as a physical or emotional response, seen inwardly or heard inwardly.

Want intuitive clarity and ongoing accuracy?

Step 1: Always clear and calm your mind first

Step 2: Simply carve out 10+ mins every day to practice.

Do the same practice once or twice morning and evening for multiples of 7 days.

Did you know?

Science and ancient mystical meditators have shown that multiples of 7 days begin to create new neural pathways in your brain. The optimum is either 21 days or 49 days of repeating the same practice. This is when the benefits for you become more lasting and much easier/faster to access.

3 everyday intuition practices for you

Exercise 1:
When you need to make a decision and before you turn on Google Maps, enter that calm ocean of peace inside of you with some slow, deep breaths

  • Ask your inner guidance: “which way home has the least traffic?”

  • Wait for a visual or emotional response that is clear, not a thought

  • Thank your inner guidance, take a slow gentle deep breath and open your eyes without rushing

  • Then follow this and see how it unfolds.

Exercise 2:
Worried or concerned about a friend, colleague or loved one?

Prepare and enter the calm ocean of peace within you, then -

  • Imagine your friend or loved one in front of you

  • Place your awareness on them – you may like to see them as a field or ball of energy

  • How are they feeling, generally?

  • Note this and keep it confidential

  • Thank your inner guidance, take a slow gentle deep breath and open your eyes without rushing

  • Next time you connect with them, observe how they are or gently enquire? Is it similar?

  • Note this and keep it confidential, private and respectfully compassionate.

Exercise 3:
You have to choose one of two meetings or two social occasions happening at once. How to decide which one is the most auspicious, productive and/or beneficial for you to attend?

Prepare and enter that calm ocean of peace inside of you and then –

  • See yourself at one event – what are you wearing? Is it what you planned to wear (mind) or something different that you feel great in?

  • See yourself chatting to people you haven’t met before. How are they responding – listening? Laughing? Chatting back? Inclusive?

  • See the location or environment the event is in – just generally i.e. small, dark, poky? Larger, living room, restaurant, conference hall, church etc?

  • In your calm ‘ocean of peace’ see yourself at the second event. How does that feel? What are you wearing? How is the social side of things looking or feeling emotionally?

  • To make an intuitive decision, one of these events will hold more positivity, happiness or make you feel more positive.

  • You’ll intuitively feel happier or more confident being there – which can often surprise you as it may not be what you 'thought' before you did this exercise!

  • As can what you thought you’d wear and what you see yourself wearing inwardly!

Wishing you lots of success

Wishing you lots of success as you practice connecting with and using your intuition more each day. Have fun as you put your mind aside and connect with your wonderful inner-being,

Yolanda xx

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