Increase your Feng Shui Good Luck using Colour

Here's how to choose the right Feng Shui Colours to energise and enhance your home and work space

The five-element theory is super important in Feng Shui as the colours of the productive / creative cycle that represent each of the five elements show you how to use this knowledge to enhance your good luck.

In Feng Shui, there are eight directions

North, South, East, West, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest and each direction is represented – or governed – by one of the five elements.

The five Fengshui Elements - water, wood, fire, earth and metal


Blue or Black


Green or Brown 






White or Gold

The productive or creative cycle of the five elements is the key that unlocks the enhancing technique of Feng Shui.

How to activate a specific corner of your house, office, room or work building

Once you have determined your main entrance, take note of the Fengshui Element of the corner that you wish to activate or enhance based on its compass direction

1: Activate SOUTH - recognition, fame, luck

The element of SOUTH is FIRE

Check the element that produces FIRE (which is WOOD whose colours are green or brown)

You then use the colour of the producing element Wood (Greens and Browns) in the SOUTH

2: Activate SOUTHEAST - wealth and finances

Note that the element of this direction is WOOD. To produce wood you will need water.

So  anything blue or black will activate this corner

You can use these colours in your fabrics, decorative cushions, paint and furniture.

3: Activate SOUTHWEST - relationships and romance

The element of the SOUTHWEST is ruled by EARTH so use more of the FIRE element colours of RED to activate happier partnerships, romance and relationships.

4: Activate NORTH - career luck

We know that NORTH represents WATER and that METAL produces water.

Therefore we would place something metallic, such as gold or white in the north to activate the WATER element

5: Activate NORTHEAST - education & learning luck, clarity, auspicious decisions

The element of the Northeast is EARTH so use more FIRE AND RED to activate optimism, powers of concentration and educational opportunities.

6: Activate NORTHWEST - travel and helpful people

The element of the NORTHWEST is METAL and to enhance good metal energy, you can use EARTH colours such as brown, yellow or pinks

7: Activate EAST - family and health

The element of EAST is WOODWATER activates wood so you can use tones and shades of blue and black to activate happy, healthy family relationships.

8: Activate WEST - creativity and children

The WEST is ruled by METAL

To activate auspicious energy in the WEST, use the EARTH colours of brown, yellow or pink shades.

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