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Do You ....

  • Have questions about your future while going through a big life transition - such as divorce, illness, job loss, etc?
  • Have a big dream and need guidance to manifest it?
  • Have questions about the next right steps for your business or life?
  • Feel stuck and need help getting out of your rut?
  • Need some fresh insights about a relationship or situation?
  • Need some intuitive/creative ideas about marketing your business?

These are just some of the challenges Yolanda's clients face and when a reading can be of enormous help to you ... 

I recommend Yolanda if you want an honest and up front reading that will guide you in the direction needed.

Yolanda is a person of integrity and does not bother with "fluff" but tells it how it is. She genuinely wants the best for her clients and due to this, I came away from my reading with clear and concise steps of what I need to focus on and address in my life. I look forward to my next reading, it truly is worth every cent

— Emma Foley

We offer 2 different Personal readings for you

Each reading package offers you accurate insights for moving forward in all areas of your life

Gold Personal Reading     Silver Personal Reading

Get on track and live a 'high vibe' life with your Gold personal reading

Your GOLD Reading

60 mins+ ... Yolanda reads all aspects of who you are and how you can create a great life for yourself, now and in the future - comprehensive, detailed, accurate ... READ MORE

We can cover a lot for you in a Silver personal psychic reading

Your SILVER Reading

30+ mins ... A 'mini-view' of where you are and how to move forward into more happiness - focused, detailed, precise READ MORE

We also offer specific Business or Career-only Readings 

Business and Career Readings

Business and Career-only Readings

Focused, accurate, detailed strategies for business and career professionals. Save your valuable time and money and make wise, fully informed, business decisions and career choices - 1 hr $295

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Your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

Yolanda stands behind her promise of accurate, useful and empowering readings for you; her reputation rests on this ...

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Her readings are vivid and directional

"Sitting in Yolanda 's space is very special. It's too mysterious for words, but somehow she manages to silently holler out to angels, draw them close, open the psychic envelopes they deliver, and 'read' the contents.

Her readings are vivid and directional, though there's never any suggestion of her 'telling' you what to do next. All of us have our own choices to make, after all, or we can't call our lives our own.

But the clues and insights that she offers can make the puzzle pieces of your present dilemmas fall into place, no matter how snarled up they seem when you walk in her door.

There's great kindness too, which comes from having come through tough times of her own. Don't forget the bubbly sense of humour either.

All in all, she's an exceptional experience."

Lindsey Dawson, Author, speaker, writing mentor based in Auckland

Book your intuitive psychic reading today

When the opportunity came to have a reading with Yolanda – I jumped at it.

The revelations within the reading are a ‘turning point’ for my business. Relevant, forthright information on how to take affirmative action has been gifted....  from this reading I feel like I have a firmer grip on the rudder and the courage and conviction to chart a course into uncharted waters. Thank you so much.

Julia Charity CEO Look After Me


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