You'll navigate your work, life, relationships, finances and new directions with your intuitive Gold Reading

Clarity | Information | Perspective | Inspiration

Gold Psychic Readings

You'll get clarity, fun, accurate perspectives and heaps of wonderful, detailed information from your Gold Reading

Are you looking for...

  • You can get accurate clarity and perspective about the next right steps for your business, work or life

  • You'll get answers to all your questions about your future while going through a big life transition - such as divorce, illness, job loss, etc

  • You'll receive fresh insights (and solutions) about your relationships or any challenging situations

  • You'll get specific guidance and timing on how to manifest any big dreams, projects or adventures you'd love to have

  • You'll get energised, inspired and out of your rut in no time at all

  • You'll love feeling clearer and more confident about what works best for you over the next 12 to 24+ months

  • And have fun doing it!

Gold Readings are our most popular Reading - 60+ mins

Your Gold Reading is a great investment in the quality of your life

Your Gold Reading will show you a detailed, maxi-view of where you are now and how to move forward in all areas of your life with confidence, clarity, confidence and success.

You'll learn about the qualities and gifts of your own names, those past lives that are contributing or completing to the quality of your life now, your health, finances, your spiritual journey and the easiest way for you to access your own inner guidance more fully.

You'll be able to see clearly how to resolve challenges or problems - loved ones, relationships both personal and professional, your property, even work issues and trends.

Your questions are answered - usually before they are asked.

Over the years, Yolanda’s clients say she’s given them life-changing information that has worked unexpectedly well for them in their business and personal lives.

Our most popular Reading  60+ minutes

You'll get so much more from your Gold Reading


You'll see your 'big picture' and what's a priority right now (quite often many of your unspoken questions are answered here)

The energy of your Names

You'll learn what information each of your names holds for you and how that contributes towards your highest potential and helps fulfil your destiny.

You'll find this particularly useful for your career and 'side hustle' directions.  You'll find it very helpful to identify how best to deal with other's personalities to get the best from them - your children, loved ones, partner, work colleagues even clients.

Your Numbers

Your numbers hold energy and information on how to move forward positively and confidently. You'll be shown where there are benefits for you; if there are any challenges, how to avoid or overcome them.

Your Past Lives are here to either complete an experience from another time and space OR to contribute to the quality of your life now. You'll see the most immediate ones and how they're helping you at this time in your life.

Your can have more balance and harmony in your life

You'll learn how the balance and harmony in your chakras can be optimised, stabilised and strengthened.

You'll receive information about your health and wellbeing that guides you to more energy, optimism and joy in life.

You'll learn all about the potential and personality of your home and property

Your property and land can either help and prosper you or hold you back. You'll have a greater understanding of what your property needs.

Including when and how to sell, buy, relocate or wait for better options.

You can ask for the best way o access your own inner guidance.

You can also clarify your best spiritual journey, the one that's  for your highest and best good.

You'll be able to check in with your loved ones who've passed over (optional)

Yolanda can share any messages for you from your loved ones and share with you how they are and where they are.

PLUS....All your questions are answered clearly

Gold Readings are our most popular Reading

Is this your first reading with me? If so, welcome aboard!

Your first Gold Reading is $325, but as a special offer, every repeat 60-minute Gold Reading is only $265.

We value your business and love meeting you. And we're always looking forward to providing you with more insights, inspiration, peace of mind, success and happiness, now and in the future!

Gold Readings - great value

Your Gold psychic Reading covers
12-24+ months

You'll find great value, as every Gold psychic Reading lasts around an hour and is focused on giving you as much value, information, accuracy and inspiration as possible to take away with you and work with for at least the next 1-3 year+ phase in your life.

Your reading is fully recorded

As your Reading can cover years, its great to have a full recording to work with afterwards

Your fully-recorded Reading and Guidelines are emailed to you via a secure, private Dropbox link (CD's are also available $25 including p&p - just let me know).

You can have your live Reading online.

It's super convenient (and no different in quality) to have your Gold Reading online with Yolanda via Zoom or Skype.

Just let Yolanda which works best for you and she'll be in touch with you. You'll get a Zoom Meeting link or 'friend' each other on Skype.

Your preparation Guidelines 

You'll get maximum value from your Reading over the coming months and years by writing down your list of questions for your Reading.

Preparation Guidelines for every Reading are at the bottom of your (emailed) booking confirmation - simple and super-helpful!



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