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Get fresh, new perspectives and detailed intuitive guidance on how to navigate your way happily through your work, life, relationships, financial decisions and much more.

Have more fun and a better quality of life, get focused easily, know where you're going and why AND enjoy your fabulous journey! PLUS all your questions are answered!

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Our most popular Reading - 60 mins.

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Silver Readings give you a focused 'mini-view' of where you are now and how to move forward with clarity, confidence and ease.

You'll get everything a Gold Reading offers you but with less detail OR we can focus on just a few areas with more detail for you. Your questions are answered, too.

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Focused, detailed, precise - 30+ mins.

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Business & Career Readings are fully detailed, accurate & insightful strategies for businesses, managers, HOD's & Career professionals.

Yolanda's insights maximize your success, help you to avoid expensive obstacles, guide you to overcome challenges, enhance your productivity and profits, save your valuable time and resources, enrich your professional relationships and cover 1-3 plus years

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Frank Arjava Petter's NZ Reiki Classes - 1 Sept to 8 Sept 2024

Discover the perfect gift that can brighten someone’s day all year long

Why not consider gifting someone you truly care about with a special gift card, a full class experience, or a captivating Reading or Reiki class today?

The possibilities are endless, and it’s all about showing your appreciation in a meaningful way. You'll surprised your valued friend or colleague or a loved one with a lasting choice.


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