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Home Sweet Home - what's your house number saying?

What are the number(s) saying about the personality of your home?

Your home is precious. But how many of us have the time to step back and assess and understand the energy of our homes?

Like a person, your home is also a living field of energy that can be uplifted, energized, balanced and harmonized to support and nourish you and your loved ones, their happiness, good health and abundance.

Your home can help or hinder you

Looking at the numbers of your home is one of the many ways to take a fresh perspective on just how important they are to us and how you can care, renew and refresh your relationship with them to enhance every activity and relationship within their walls and boundaries.

The Number of your home support different aspects of your life, work and relationships

All homes, buildings and work places hold unique information to help you nurture opportunities, personal, professional and/or spiritual growth, love your family life and overcome challenges.

Your home affects you AND everyone who lives in it and visits you.

Find your house's correct number here then read its Personality Number below

PS: Did you know that House Readings and Feng Shui give you specific information on energizing, uplifting and nurturing the presence and personality of your house - whether you're staying or going, new or old, big or small, home or property, office or business location?

No 1 home – independence and ambition

The energy of this home promotes independence, innovation, individuality, drive and ambition.

People who are self-employed thrive in this home as they’re usually self-reliant and career-orientated

Living here can teach you lessons about self-confidence, courage, determination and assertion

Potential challenges can be:

  • It’s all about me-me-me
  • May be challenging to find a harmonious, long-term relationship
  • One can be the loneliest number
  • Can become a retreat or self-isolating in an unbalanced way

No 2 home – love and partnership, nurturing and nesting

The 2 home promotes partnership, love, family and relationships and supports co-operation

A great home for loving relationships, to raise a family and create a nurturing, comfortable environment for others

Living here can teach you lessons about peace, harmony, relationships, love and the proper expression of feelings

Potential challenges may be:

  • You’ll find putting yourself first will be challenging
  • Moving your career forward dynamically will be tricky
  • If living alone, you may get so comfortable in your nest that you don’t want to leave, become reclusive or fight with others to create privacy

No 3 home – happiness, creativity, connecting

The 3 home is all about creativity, emotional expression, socialising and inspiring conversations and connections

It supports those wanting to start a family, encourages creative pursuits and supports joy and happiness

Living in a 3 home creates a comfortable and inspiring environment for everyone and is great for hosting parties and get-togethers with fascinating people

Potential challenges may be:

  • Money issues
  • Trouble focusing and following through with things in your work and life
  • If you’re not being creative or re-charging your happy-place, you can get depressed or pessimistic

No 4 home – stability, security, work, details

The 4 home is the where you’re more focused on establishing security and stability

Its energy promotes steady processes that go the distance, grow hard work, require systems and organisation, encourages loyalty and protection

Living in a 4 home can teach you lessons about service, practical goal setting, honesty, security and forging through challenges or limitations

Its also a home conducive to seeking knowledge, learning and study

Potential challenges may be:

  • Can feel heavy when supporting focus on work and continuously meeting deadlines
  • Need to consciously factor in time-off, time-out, fun and stress-relieving activities
  • Need to lighten up

No 5 home - fun, freedom, movement and change

A 5 home is where the energy is moving, progressive and uplifting and encourages adventure, flexibility and freedom

Living in a 5 home can teach you to face your fears, accelerate dynamic change and also help you to tackle problems with determination and focus

These homes activate change, variety and movement so its important to use self-discipline and healthy routines as the energy in these homes can be drawn to excess and over-indulgence

Potential challenges may be:

  • You can easily loose balance in this home of high-octane activity, fun and pleasures
  • Any children in this home will be super-busy with extra-curricular activities – or the opposite behaviours of over-indulgence, apathy or inactivity
  • Impulsive energy can dominate your decisions – stay alert

No 6 home – beauty, nurturing, love

The energy of this home supports running a business AND raising a family and people who are self-employed thrive in this home as they’re usually self-reliant and career-orientated

This home is a nurturing and beautiful environment, a nurturing sanctuary with an artistic and creative flair

Living here can teach you lessons about responsibility, service, trusting your visionary ideas, love and acceptance

Potential challenges can be:

  • Responsibilities may become overwhelming
  • Balance self-care with heartfelt service to others
  • This home can become a show place of design perfection rather than a lived-in place to relax

No 7 home – spirituality, study, contemplation

The energy of this home supports introspection and contemplation, tranquillity, spiritual seeking, taking time to nurture your intuition and refining your data-driven ideas – it’s a refuge and private

This home is perfect for a writer, scientist, consultant, professor – anyone working at becoming expert in a specialised area benefits from these intense 7 energies

Living here can teach you lessons about trust, discovering your own spiritual path, how to listen to your intuition and uncovering more of ‘the real you’ – water views and/or features are beneficial

Potential challenges can be:

  • Can feel like a loner
  • Balance your private and social life mindfully and happily
  • Can nurture escapism or avoidance of practical issues, including obsession or addiction

No 8 home – prosperity, abundance and power

This home is a place of power and prestige that supports financial gains & losses, control, authority and achievement

The energy of this house supports getting ahead in the material world and money, achievement and status are top priorities

The highest from of the 8 energy is giving back to others and doing business with true integrity, influence and the wise use of influence and authority

While this house supports ALL kinds of abundance, it will teach you lessons about personal power, endurance, management and organisation

Potential challenges can be:

  • The energy of 8 is about appearances – ensure your home has true heart to it and nurturing relationships
  • Risk-taking can attract gains as well as losses and this home can also become a ‘money pit’
  • Balance work and play to avoid becoming a workaholic

No 9 home – creativity, wisdom, transformation, forgiveness

The energy of this home is ‘letting go’ and it supports changing the world to make it a better place and giving back to the world in a substantial way

This home focuses on love, compassion and acceptance of all and often offers a quirky sense of creativity as well as ‘open doors’ – its an ‘international’ number so travelling and hosting international visitors is also on the card

Living here can teach you lessons about offering wise counsel, universal truth, charitable giving, letting go of the past, forgiveness and personal/spiritual transformation

Potential challenges can be:

  • Sometimes this home can be where loss or completions occur
  • Personal and spiritual evolution isn’t always smooth or effortless
  • Opportunities will arise to nurture forgiveness for yourself and others for past indiscretions – nurture true kindness and compassion in this house


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