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Use your Intuition to change your wishes into reality

We all have intuition, we are born with it and it’s always there to guide you

Paying attention to what makes you feel happy, excited, energized, creative or inspired is your intuition guiding you in the direction of your happiness and your success

Your intuition can be developed in many ways

  • Via your bodily sensitivity and responses

  • You may hear an inner voice

  • See inner pictures or images

  • Emotionally feel how another person feels about different situations or people

  • See and feel how the energy flows through and around you

  • Connect with your inner guidance and/or Guides

  • Channel (see, hear, feel) past lives that are influencing your life

  • Connect with those who have departed, as mediums.

What energizes you?

Often we are stuck in one of our old habitual mind patterns and focused on what's not working in our external world e.g. 'This job totally sucks, I have to leave asap' 

Or we may be blaming someone else for our stuckness – 'If only he (or she) would change, I would be sooooo much happier'

Being or feeling stuck never contributes to increasing your happiness or quality of life.  But it does make you feel yuk, sad or tired … the opposite of where you want to be

Instead, ask yourself 'what feels interesting, fun, creative right now?

Ask yourself 'What am I really wanting to experience here?'

Frequently, the true answer comes as an emotional quality you'd like more of in your life – the really meaningful ones like happiness, laughter, friendships, connections ... maybe more adventures, a new creative project big or small, a sense of freedom, flexibility, overcoming fear or resistance

This is important!

Pull out your notebook, iPhone or the nearest café napkin and jot down words or one to two sentences about what you really want

Don’t get stuck in or even bother working out how you are going to get it … that’s how your Intuition will help you. Interestingly, here's where we can stop ourselves moving to the next step by thinking we have to resolve it all on our own!

Next, close your eyes and visualize the situation that’s bothering you

See the situation and outcome as you want it to be. Spend a few minutes visualizing and feeling the perfect outcome – stay focused on this and repeat it regularly

See your perfect outcome 

  • In colour

  • See what environment this is happening in

  • What clothes you or others may be wearing

  • What you are doing and saying 

  • See your friends celebrating with you

  • Feel how you'll be feeling then  … just allow it to unfold with very positive outcomes

You may well be very surprised as you see the situation playing out in your mind’s eye exactly as you want it

Don't stop here though!

Next, take whatever actions you can to sensibly progress towards happening and do whatever you can to make this image real and vivid

For me, it's writing a to-do list - I find writing down each action (including asking for help or researching what I need to know) and ticking it off over the day(s), is a winner!

A dream come true 

As a very good and original artist, Fiona has a dream to exhibit her beautiful art in a prestigious national gallery

Her mind cannot see how this would happen – right now it feels like the ‘impossible dream’

But Fiona (and you and I) know we live in a creative universe ...

Fiona decides to start visualizing as a regular and frequent daily practice

She imagines seeing her art hanging beautifully on the walls of this specific gallery (she doesn’t know yet how this will happen)

She takes a few minutes regularly throughout her day and as she is going to sleep each night to see and visualize herself standing in this specific gallery, surrounded by people congratulating her ...

She sees big, red, SOLD dots beside each of her beautiful paintings and watches the gallery owner flat-out selling her art works during the opening

Fiona sees even the money in her bank account from each sale and most of all, she feels the emotions of her success

The feelings that ‘turn you on’ accelerate the universe’s response

Your emotions are the magic ingredient

  • The activating part of this inner seeing is how Fiona adds and includes her emotions

  • It is your emotions plus your visualizing that accelerate your dreams becoming your reality

  • Fiona feels how it is to have all this come true. She sees herself celebrating, jumping up and down with joy, she feels that joy

  • She feels what it is like to be congratulated on her work, to hear strangers come up and say ‘I love what you are doing’... 

  • She feels excited, delighted, awesome, wowed!

Your emotions trigger the magic

Your intuition (and the nature of the universe) begin to bring together the circumstances and synchronicities to make it happen.


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