Meditation: The Pathway to Your Intuition and Happiness

Meditation - the journey to deeper inner connections and happiness

Meditation is the pathway to your inner guidance, your intuition or 'natural inner knowing' ... because it is also a wonderful 'stress-buster' it also increases your levels of calmness and happiness.

For millions, meditating is the pathway to connecting with your inner self and innate inner guidance, to release stress and invoke more peace and happiness into your everyday life.

Everything in the world is energy 

  • This includes the thoughts you think
  • The emotions you feel
  • The words you say
  • The actions you take
  • Your dreams and desires
  • Your prayers and meditations

Your thoughts, emotions, sounds and actions, dreams and desires, prayers and meditations are all energy creating energy

Meditating can increase the quality of your daily life, your personal and professional relationships and how your actions manifest fully and lastingly in the world around you.

Identify the difference between your thoughts and your intuition

  • Intuitive experiences express themselves uniquely to each of us - via the physical body, differing emotions and inner images
  • Meditation trains us to see more easily the differences between a thought and a true insight, knowing or intuitive response

Your awareness is your greatest guide to intuitive accuracy as well as deeper meditations

Meditation decreases stress fast

  • Another excellent value is that of stress management – this has been scientifically verified
  • The longer the period meditated and the greater the gentle ability to focus increases, the slower the breathing, the less frequent the thoughts, the slower the brain waves and thus an alpha state is achieved
  • In the alpha state, the whole mind/body as an energy field, relaxes and expands – this effects our physiology, stress levels, hormonal balance, general optimism, happiness and physical energy availability

Meditation nurtures your nervous system and gives you a hugely improved quality of life, love, relationships and more

Meditation is simple

Initially we can begin a daily meditation practice for a short, enjoyable amount of time and repeat once or twice daily 

To get the most benefit commit to meditating daily by starting with shorter meditations and progressing to longer

'Breathe awareness' meditation - calm your mind anywhere, anytime

Breathe Awareness Meditation is an easy, simple place to begin meditating and suitable for all age groups, including children

  1. Avoid outer distractions - whenever possible
  2. Sit comfortably with your legs crossed (floor) or feet flat on the floor (chair) and back straight but not rigid
  3. Place your thumb and index fingers together (called a mudra) on top of your legs with your palms upright
  4. Close your eyes gently
  5. Focus your awareness on your nostrils or upper lip
  6. Place your awareness on the breath coming in slowly and the breath going out - do not later your breathing
  7. Just breath and be fully present to each breath

NB: It is natural to move into thinking - see you are thinking and gently return your awareness to being present to your in-breath and out-breath

Even if the mind is very active with many thoughts coming and going, continue to return your awareness to observing your breathing – no criticism, judgement, just awareness


Every time your meditate will be different - it's the practice that makes the changes for you.

Regular practice of Breathe Awareness increases your ability to focus, concentrate and differentiate between a thought or an intuition.

It also promotes your ability to be present, mindful, to engage, appreciate and enjoy your life more fully


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