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2024 Full and New Moons - dates & signs

Dependent on the specific phases of the Moon, different energies from the New Moon or the Full Moon will flow through you

Lunar cycles informed our survival, and still do - the astrological sign they cycle through impacts our opportunities and success in every creative lunar cycle

The dependence of our indigenous ancestors on the environment led them to closely study the changes and cycles in nature so they could ensure their survival in their tribal area.

This traditional knowledge was handed down orally and through practical demonstration by the elders from their ancestors. The elders taught the upcoming generation.

Lunar cycles informed our survival, and still do

Knowledge of aspects such as the sea conditions and best planting and harvesting times at each day of the month were carefully observed and remembered and community activities were arranged according to the phases of the Moon.

Flow with the different phases of the Moon and the astrological sign that impacts it

Dependent on the specific phases of the Moon, different energies from either the New Moon or the Full Moon flow through you

1: NEW MOONS are increasing Moons 

New Moons initiate beginning energy and new ideas, projects and adventures. New Moons also cleanse and prepare you for the times between the New Moon and the Full Moon.

2: FULL MOONS help you harvest and receive

'During the Full Moon you reap the seeds that were sown six months prior during the corresponding New Moon. These cosmic manifestation moments can be cause for celebration or major eye-openers!'

3: SOLAR AND LUNAR ECLIPSE amplify, expand and compound everything

Every Moon phase is a part of the astrological cycle

Every New and Full Moon is energizing the particular properties of the Zodiac sign it is moving through, as follows:


Full Moons wrap up your efforts with a triumphant bow 

Many people purposely choose a Full Moon for important meetings, debuts and finish-line dates 


24 JANUARY - Leo

23 FEBRUARY - Virgo

24 MARCH - Libra

22 APRIL - Scorpio 

22 MAY – Sagittarius 

20 JUNE - Capricorn (1/2 in 2024)

20 JULY - Capricorn (2/2 in 2024)

18 AUGUST - Aquarius

16 SEPTEMBER - Pisces

16 OCTOBER - Aries

14 NOVEMBER - Taurus

14 DECEMBER – Gemini


New Moons set intentions & take bold steps towards new achievements

Every New Moon brings a subtle, powerful surge of universal energy that activates a fresh start for you

Every New Moon the seeds and actions of intention and inspiration unfold as the Moon becomes more visible each day. What you do with this monthly gift is up to you?


12 JANUARY - Capricorn

10 FEBRUARY - Aquarius

10 MARCH – Pisces

9 APRIL – Aries 

8 MAY - Taurus

7 JUNE - Gemini

6 JULY - Cancer

4 AUGUST - Leo


3 OCTOBER – Libra 

2 NOVEMBER - Scorpio

1 DECEMBER - Sagittarius

31 DECEMBER – Capricorn

'Becoming aware of the New and Full Moon cycles has been huge for me'

'Becoming aware of the Moon Cycles has been huge for me as now I can understand why I have felt the way I did over the years.  I’m a Cancer and because of my awareness of the Moon Cycles, I can now 'ride the wave' easier than before. 

Every New Moon Meditation makes me reflect on those emotions that don’t serve me anymore and directs me to more of what I want to manifest in my life.

My actions have become much more focused and intentional as a result'.

SK, Hamilton NZ


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