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The balance of growing spiritually and managing a busy life can at times seem to be at odds

The balance of growing spiritually and managing a busy life can at times seem to be at odds

It can seem as we strive for deeper inner peace life keeps throwing us curve balls that pull us out of internal tranquillity that we are striving to maintain.

Often, we have seen that people’s lives are so busy that they do not have the luxury of spending hours a day practicing various meditative practices.

The core issue with the struggle to feel at peace during a hectic day is not actually in what is unfolding throughout the day. The stress arises from the habit of the mind to resist what is happening

This resistance arises out of being in a lower state of consciousness which results in the inability to stay present in a state of awareness. When a person is deeply nestled in a good state of awareness the by product is a natural acceptance of the present moment which brings a person into a deep state of inner peace.

There is an extremely powerful and simple practice you could do for simply 7 minutes each day that would bring you into a lasting state of inner awareness resulting in deeper states of inner peace and well-being as well as advancing you forward on your spiritual journey.

Follow these simple steps and enjoy the fruits of this powerful meditation

7 Minute Breathing Meditation

Step One: Sit upright in any sitting posture that is most comfortable for you. It is important to make sure your spine is straight

Step Two: Please your hands palm faced up on your thighs and touch the tips of your index fingers to the base of your thumbs

Step Three: Close your eyes and begin to inhale / exhale deeply and slowly for 7 minutes

That’s it!

It sounds almost too good and simple to be true

However, once you try this you will immediately see the benefit that it gives you all throughout your day
You can increase the time of this meditation in multiples of 7, such as for 14, or 21 minutes. However we suggest not going beyond 21 minutes
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