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10 Practices to Grow and Enhance Your Intuition

10 fabulous ways to access and cultivate your Intuition 

Accessing and developing your Intuition involves honing various mental faculties and adopting practices that enhance your receptivity to intuitive insights.

Try any one or more of these practices today and watch your intuition grow beautifully!

1: Mindfulness and Meditation

Practicing Mindfulness and Meditation cultivates present-moment awareness, quieting the chatter of the mind and allowing any intuitive insights to surface.

Regular Meditation strengthens the connection to our inner wisdom and fosters clarity of thought. As does a daily Reiki self-treatment practise.

Slowing and calming the mind and brain activity (thinking) shifts your brain waves from alpha to beta states and helps you see the difference between your thoughts and any intuitive insights.

2: Deepen your Listening

Actively listening to our inner voice requires creating the space for reflection and introspection.

By quieting external distractions and tuning into our thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations, we can discern subtle and increasingly stronger, intuitive signals.

Learn how to listen to any of your five sensations

They are touch, smell, taste, hearing and sight with more presence and awareness. One of the many ways to know when your body is responding truthfully is often via one or more of your five senses.

3: Journaling and Reflection

Keeping a journal allows us to track patterns, insights, and intuitive hunches over time.

Writing down thoughts and reflections fosters self-awareness and helps uncover underlying patterns and themes that may inform intuitive decision-making.

The Morning Pages free your Intuition

Julia Cameron developed a wonderful practice that she called the Morning Pages, which helped unblock creative artists. Over the years she realised the practice was also liberating our intuitive and spiritual abilities.

You can watch her video here and start your own practice too >>

4: Body Awareness

Our bodies often hold valuable intuitive cues that we can learn to recognize and interpret.

Pay attention to physical sensations such as butterflies in the stomach, tingling sensations, or feelings of discomfort, as they may signal intuitive guidance.

The old saying 'gut feeling' is one of the variety of physical sensations the body can give you. Some business managers have mentioned 'hairs standing on their arms' when they intuitively knew an idea or project was going to become successful!

5: Creative Expression

Engaging in creative pursuits such as art, music, or writing can unlock intuitive insights by bypassing the analytical mind and tapping into the subconscious.

Allow yourself to explore and express ideas freely, trusting the intuitive impulses that arise.

Make a quite space for yourself to design a vision board or mandala intuitively i.e. without thinking.

You may like to meditate first to clear your mind - if you're wanting to manifest, try a guided meditation like the Soul Sync (link below) and then create whatever flows into and through you as play.

6: Quiet Reflection and Solitude

Spending time alone in nature or in quiet contemplation creates an optimal environment for accessing intuition. Try paddling on the beach, nature walks through trees and parks, botanical gardens and reserves (even in the rain!).

Disconnecting from external stimuli allows us to tune into our inner guidance and gain clarity on pressing questions or decisions.

Plus it's super-important for our holistic and spiritual health and well-being.

7: Trust and Surrender

Trust that the answers we seek will emerge in due time

Trusting in the validity of our intuitive insights is essential for their development.

Practice surrendering to the flow of intuition in each of these ten practices without overanalyzing or second-guessing.

8: Seek Feedback and Validation


You may like to share your intuitive impressions with trusted friends, mentors, or advisors for feedback and validation.

External validation can help confirm the accuracy of intuitive insights and build confidence in our intuitive abilities.

Practicing Psychometry is an easy and fun way to begin!

9: Learning from your Past Experiences

Reflect on past experiences where intuitive insights proved valuable or accurate

Perhaps you 'just knew' and took a different route home only to find out later there the traffic on that route was at a standstill for ages!

By recognizing instances where intuition leads to positive outcomes, we reinforce our confidence in its reliability and validity.

10: Continuous Learning and Growth

Your Intuition will evolve and deepen with practice and experience

It's important to embrace a growth mindset and stay open to new possibilities and perspectives. Cultivate curiosity and a willingness to explore the unknown, trusting that your intuition will guide you along the way.

Much like strengthening your muscles, practicing intuition regularly can enhance it greatly. Where would you like to begin? Is there an activity above you'd like to try? 

You can include any one of these practices in your daily life to grow your intuition

By incorporating any one of these practices into your daily life, you can access and develop your intuition, unlocking its transformative power and harnessing its guidance to navigate life's complexities with clarity and confidence.

Give yourself permission to have fun, be more playful and trust the creative flow

Any of these activities are a great place to begin unlocking your Intuition.


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