Year of the Green Yang Wood Dragon 2024

Chinese Horoscope 2024 – the Year of the Yang, Green, Wood Dragon begins on the 10th Feb 2024

2024 promises to be a year full of possibilities and opportunities.

The Dragon is a powerful and auspicious creature in Chinese mythology, representing courage, creativity, and innovation.

The Year of the Wood Dragon 2024 is considered Auspicious and Special

According to the Chinese zodiac, the Dragon is the most powerful and auspicious animals. It represents strength, wisdom, luck and prosperity.

The Wood Dragon is the most creative and visionary of the Dragons

In Chinese astrology and fengshui, the Dragon is associated with one of the five elements - Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal or Water.

Each element gives the Dragon (and every Chinese astrology animal Sign) a different personality and destiny.

The Wood Dragon is considered the most creative and visionary of the Dragons.

They are optimistic, ambitious and adventurous. They like to explore new ideas and challenge themselves.

They are generous, compassionate and loyal to their friends.

Therefore, the Year of the Dragon in 2024 is expected to be a time of visionary leaders, innovators and problem solvers.

Work, business, career and life projects


As a Wood Dragon Year, 2024 is predicted to be a great year to start new projects, explore new opportunities and create value for yourself and others.

Promising Growth Investment & Business areas

 Some of the most promising sectors for business growth in the Dragon Year 2024 are fintech, AI, cybersecurity, blockchain, and solar energy.

These industries are driven by innovation and demand for cutting-edge solutions.

To succeed in these competitive markets, businesses need to embrace new technologies and communicate their value proposition effectively.

A Wood Dragon year of innovation, growth, vision and expansion


The year of the Wood Dragon 2024 is special because it is a rare combination of the Dragon’s power and the Wood’s Element's creativity.

It is a year of innovation, vision and growth

It is a year to pursue your dreams, express your ideas and expand your horizons.

It is also a year to be generous, compassionate and loyal to your friends.

Some of the themes that are relevant in a Wood Dragon Years - the last was 1964!

Power and authority

The powerful and authoritative Wood Dragon can incite shifts in leadership, both on a global scale and within our micro-communities.


The forward-thinking Wood Dragon embraces change, pursuing new ideas that push past the boundaries of convention.

Drama and dynamism

What’s more dramatic—and dynamic—than a fire-breathing dragon? Life can imitate a Broadway theater production this year.

Risk and reward

The daredevil energy of Aries shows up during a Dragon year with an atmosphere of risk-taking.


Type A people thrive in the Year of the Wood Dragon as does anyone who has a passion.

Transformation and renewal 

2024 is a year when complete renewal is possible. We may burn away old habits and transform every aspect of our lives down to the ground level. 

Birth rate boom

Dragon Years are known to be bountiful times, including for increasing the population!

Global movements

Dragon years can be marked by significant global events, movements or shifts in geopolitical dynamics.

These years may see major advancements in international relations, trade and diplomacy.


Dragon years are festive times that remind us to live for the moment and soak up new experiences while we still can.

Joy is the great unifier in 2024—and we could all use a dose of this uplifting energy after the heavy pandemic years. 

Challenges for The Year of the Green Wood Dragon

The themes of The Year of the Wood Dragon don’t come without their fair set of challenges.

As you work toward your own goals, keep in mind these issues can come up:

• anger
• drama and intensity
• inflexibility
• abuse of power
• impulsivity
• burnout.

Meditations to calm, balance and make the most of opportunities in a Wood Dragon Year

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Resources for the Year of the Green Wood Dragon


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