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TAURUS: Your Beautiful Astro-Reading, Taurus


April 19 – May 20

The Taurus Personality

Dear Taurus, you are an Earth sign and well-favoured by the graces of Venus ... it’s in your nature to be genuinely caring, loving and loyal.

Endlessly generous with your time, possessions and empathy, you love and value your material comforts, luxuries and beauty and work hard to get them.

Being naturally artistic and creative many of you are super successful in the worlds of art, advertising, media, theatre, opera, architecture and building.

You are skilled teachers and instructors and can often be found outdoors – when your feet hit the ground, you are at your happiest in your natural Earth element.

Love love love

Ruled by Venus – the Goddess of Love, Beauty and Pleasure – you need and love your many and beautiful creature comforts.

This love of beauty includes the beauty of your emotional relationships and home, family and loved ones as well as the beauty of your possessions, environments and works of art.

You place great value on harmony and happiness and work hard to keep your relationships and partners happy.

Taurus - relationships and romanticism

You get on well with your other earth signs – Virgo and Capricorn. Your generosity, patience and practicality make you a wonderfully grounded friend, mate and business partner – your caring concern is legend.

Romantics and loyal, Taurus can get a wee bit possessive now and again but this is only because they value you so highly.

Taureans commit - business and career

Traditional and patient, your determination and perseverance ensure you finish the job, even when others give up and walk away.

Everything you own, love and achieve, you will work for and this is a great motivating factor for you, dear Taurus.

You respect efficiency and practicality; you are honourable and fair-minded in your dealings with others and lead by example with loyalty and determination.

Careers in construction, business, architecture, teaching, drama, dance, film and media, as well as the great outdoors, align with the stable and artistic Taurus – Jane Campion, Penelope Cruz and William Shakespeare are all famous Taurus stars.

The best Colours for you, Taurus

You are an Earth Element sign, dear Taurus – so you are at home with super-sensuous, classy, sometimes vintage, tailoring in the rich terracotta and chocolate shades ... include elegant tones and pastels of both and joosh up with highlights of lime greens, lemon yellow and citrus orange, royal blues are great for you too.

Add Texture ... with tactile fake furs and luxurious silks, gorgeous scarves and earthy leathers to the mix for a unique, artistic expression of quality, luxury and creativity.

Your optimum Feng Shui Colours - at home and work

Location Location! In your homes and offices, balance your Taurean, Feng Shui-enhancing Earth Colours of yellow, gold and terracotta pinks and browns with highlights of fiery reds and oranges, exotic turquoise and deep purples.

This keeps your energy vital and grounded while adding interest and beauty to your domestic and business environments.

Fragrances for Taureans

Your sensuous side discreetly adores subtle, ambient scents which wend their way to your wardrobe and boudoir.

You love the classic florals that melt into your skin and daily spritzs of rose and lavender suit you to a ‘T’, dear Taurus.


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