Personal psychic readings ... by phone or skype

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In-person and telephone readings are identical in quality

The quality of your telephone or Skype reading with Yolanda is identical to being with her in person.

Yolanda has many regular telephone clients throughout New Zealand, USA, UK, UAE & Australia.

Every business intuitive session is fully recorded

Your CD or dropbox file are sent to you the same day ... dropbox files within the hour: CD's are posted, airmailed (courier fees are an optional extras).

How many questions can I ask?

Please write down your questions and have them with you for your reading. These questions are often answered without Yolanda ever hearing or seeing them.

Time permitting, your questions are all answered.

What costs does my telephone / Skype intuitive session include?

Your fee INCLUDES complimentary delivery of your recorded reading (we suggest dropbox for fast access to your reading)
You can also have your fully-recorded reading posted or couriered to you on a CD; courier fees are optional extras.

Preperation ... get the most from your personal reading

Write a list of questions to which you want answers and have them with you at your psychic reading ... this brings up a lot more detail for you and your questions are often answered before they are ever asked

Be alone and undisturbed for all of your phone session.  

Why? I read everything around you and if someone else is in the room or building, I will pick up their information and it will appear as yours, blurring accuracy for you.

Make sure your other phones are off or silent.

Be rested and relaxed 5-10 minutes before your business intuitive session ... this expands your auric field and I can get much more detail for you

Overseas clients - time zone differences

All Yolanda's readings are in NZ time ... use the time zone converter to check what works best for you in your part of the world (if our appointment times don't work for you, email Yolanda to work out one that does)

Book your intuitive psychic reading today

Your confidentiality is gauranteed

Yolanda has many well-known and corporate clients throughout NZ, SE Asia, USA, Australia and the UK ... your privacy and confidentiality are gauranteed

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Comprehensive, compassionate, accurate Readings for a successful, enriched & inspired life

GOLD Reading

Whether by Zoom or by Skype, Yolanda reads all aspects of who you are and how you can create a great, abundant and more beautiful life for yourself, now and in the future - relationships, your career and talents, home & family, work, health and much more. Comprehensive, detailed, accurate - FULL DETAILS HERE >>

Our most popular Reading - 60+ mins

We cover a lot for you in a Silver psychic reading

SILVER Readings

Whether by Zoom or by Skype, you'll receive a focused 'mini-view' of where you are now and how to move forward with clarity, confidence and ease FULL DETAILS HERE >>

Focused, detailed, precise - 30+ mins


Book your intuitive psychic reading today

'If you want to enhance your decision-making processes with hugely valuable insights, see Yolanda now'.

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A psychic reading makes
a great gift!

'Yolanda, your insights are hugely valuable and right on the mark. As a professional business woman, being able to access to such practical, relevant and valuable information in such a professional and speedy way is extremely useful. Your services have certainly enhanced my decision-making resources!'

Hannah Samuel, The Reputation Champion, Speaker, author, founder of TRUSTcite

'You are right on the money as usual. I am off to meet with [company name] in Melbourne next week!!! Thank you so much for your good wishes and for your support of my brand. Of all the readings I have had done over the years you have been the most accurate…'

Ros Torrance, Art A Face Skin Science

'Amazing. Totally professional and so very accurate a reflection of my life and business. It covered all aspects - private and business - with clarity, and picked up on the reality of my life. I cannot think of any other way I could have gained any more than I already have. Thank you so very much'.

Gael G, CEO Auckland NZ

'And thank you also for my reading. I have been listening to it most days and it is amazing the different ‘messages’ that I draw from it each time.'

Self-employed business woman

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