SILVER Readings

We cover a lot for you in a Silver psychic reading

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What does your Silver clairvoyant reading cover?

Your Silver psychic reading can be likened to a condensed view of what's going on around you at the time of your reading.

In Silver Readings, Yolanda focuses on specific areas of your life. Even though we have a shorter time frame, she will get a lot of detail for you around specific issues.

Your reading includes

  1. Channelling ... looking at the 'big picture' to see what's most important for you right now

PLUS … your questions are answered clearly, one by one

Yolanda’s readings are generous, detailed, accurate and ‘right on the money’

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What's the best way for you to have your reading?

  • An in person Reading?
  • Your Reading on Zoom (ID sent promptly)
  • Or on a reliable Skype connection?

Just let me know what works best for you and I will send you full contact details with your Preparation Guidelines.

Your reading is fully recorded for you 

Your reading is always fully recorded ... just let Yolanda know which you prefer ...

  • Dropbox ... would you like your recording sent to your own private, secure dropbox account
  • or  a CD posted to your mailing address?

How to get the most value from your reading, afterwards 

Yolanda also includes some simple Guidelines for working with your Reading after you've had it, so you get the most from it over the coming months and years.

30+ mins  $160.00 

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Focused, detailed, precise - 30+ mins

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