Gift Cards - everyone loves them!

Beautiful Gift Cards for Readings, Reiki Classes & Reiki Treatments all year round!

Like to help a colleague, friend or loved one to move forward in their life? You can organize that with a beautiful and lasting Gift card - in minutes

It's so quick and easy to choose a Gift Card

Our Gift Cards start at $50 and can be purchased towards or for any Reading, Usui Reiki Class or Distant Reiki Treatment.

Once received, your friend, loved one or colleague can add to it or use it in their own time - every Gift Card lasts for 12 months from the date of purchase AND the receiver may choose to book in at any time within 12 months since it was purchased.

Good to know, isn't it? The person you send it to can add to their gift card, upgrade it (if they like) and choose their own appointment time, simply and quickly.

The whole booking process is easy, simple, transparent and receipts and messages are forwarded automatically on booking - you can use your credit card or PayPal, too! The person you are gifting it receives an automatic email with the Gift PLUS the message that you send with it.

How cool is that?

Our Readings and Reiki Classes and Treatments are highly valued as a way to move through 2022 with extra inspiration, clarity, happiness and ease.

Your Gift Card can be used for a ...

Gold Reading 

Silver Reading 

Business or Career Reading 

Towards any Reiki Class or Distant Reiki Treatment as a unique, lasting and memorable Gift

Your Gift Card is unique and lasting - it can be used any time up to 12 months after booking

It's that easy, fast and personalized ... and a lasting treat!

We value our clients highly and every Gift Card is honoured with care and integrity

Buy your Gift Card and treat someone to a beautiful and lasting Reading, Reiki treatment or Reiki Class today!

Terms and conditions

Your special Gift Card is valid towards any Reading or Workshop with Yolanda and is valid for up to 12 months after purchase

  • Gift Cards cannot be exchanged for cash and are non-refundable
  • Gift Cards Booking dates and times are transferable within 12 months of purchase (your client or loved one can change their booking to whatever date suits them within the 6-12 month time frame)
  • Terms & Conditions may be subject to change