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'I just thought I'd let you know just how spot on you were ...

When we last spoke, you told me that I would be in a new job - this was 2-3 years ago and I thought the opportunity had passed me by.

Then an opportunity came up and I went for it, still not fully realising that it was the very thing that you had talked about in my reading. 

You described the building that I would be in and neither of us was sure what or where it was. You just said that I would be skipping up and down the corridors and loving it and very happy and at ease.

Just recently I’ve been lucky enough to win a Science Scholarship where I am released from my current work for 6 months. The place is Victoria University. You said in my reading that I would be saying all of this and being paid as well!

When everything did come into focus, I recognised it all immediately because the building description you gave me was right, the feelings I had spontaneously were right … and I immediately I felt "WOW and I'm being paid to do this". 

Then I remembered my reading and laughed … 

I’m so delighted that you saw it so clearly.

I just thought I'd let you know just how spot on you were'.

Dianne, Wellington NZ


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'You my dear, are an angel!

You have given us so much hope and new vision when we needed it most'.

James Allan, Director CreativeX NZ

'Great 2020 Reading, Yolanda - Loved it! Thanks so much'

You've been 'reading for me' for 10 years now, WOW! It seemed every time I came to a crossroad in my life I contacted you - thank you from the bottom of my heart.

In my 2020 reading you introduced me to the Breathing Room website - the meditations are simply amazing ... so varied and so helpful'. Sincere Namaste's, Yolanda'

Peter Akeroyd, Auckland NZ

'After your Reading my life did an amazing 360 degree turn around in less than 3 months 

I have a new home overlooking at beautiful park in an awesome suburb,
I was offered a new job out of the blue which I love and have accepted,
And I'm off to see my family overseas

Life's totally amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Yolanda'

Rita Haagner, Auckland NZ 

'My reading was deeply resonant and very helpful to me

It feels like I am grounded again and am feeling a great sense of clarity

You have a wonderful gift. Thank you for sharing it with me'

Melanie, Waikato NZ