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Intuitive psychic Readings to help you work through life's transitions and achieve your best potential in life, love and business

Your GOLD Reading

Whether in-person, by Facebook Messenger or by Skype, Yolanda reads all aspects of who you are and how you can create a great, abundant and more beautiful life for yourself, now and in the future - relationships, your career and talents, home & family, work, health and much more. Comprehensive, detailed, accurate - READ ALL ABOUT YOUR GOLD READING HERE THEN BOOK ONLINE

Our most popular Reading - 60+ mins

We can cover a lot for you in a Silver personal psychic reading

Your SILVER Reading

Whether in-person, by Facebook Messenger or by Skype, you'll receive a focused 'mini-view' of where you are now and how to move forward with clarity, confidence and ease. Focused, detailed, precise - READ ALL ABOUT YOUR SILVER READING HERE THEN BOOK ONLINE

30+ mins

Business Readings are comprehensive, focused, accurate strategies for Business owners and Career Professionals ... 'Yolanda's Readings are an invaluable investment in maximizing your success'

Business and Career Reading

Whether in-person, by Facebook Messenger or a reliable Skype connection, Business and/or Career Readings are fully detailed, proven, accurate strategies for Small Business Owners, corporate and managerial execs and career Professionals. An Intuitive Consultation or 'Reading' with Yolanda will not only guide you to maximize your success, avoid obstacles and overcome challenges, it will enhance your enhance your business productivity and profits, enrich your professional relationships and eliminate costly outgoings - READ ALL ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS OR CAREER READING HERE THEN BOOK ONLINE

Focusing exclusively on your Business/Career Only


Yolanda's passionate about helping you have a better quality of life

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