At Lunar Eclipses expect magical moments of discovery & hidden opportunities

Capricorn energy focuses on achieving practical results by being a team player with a clear vision:


Now's the time to pay attention to...

  • Good luck, hidden influences and influencers
  • Wisdom, practical insights
  • Analysis, attention to details, clear perspectives, perfection
  • Mentors and mentoring, and people in positions of authority
  • Your public image - how are you viewed on social media, websites, media pics and promotions?
  • Your Spiritual Path - what is it? Where is it? Is it an escape or a support?

Begin Now

Plans can accelerate quickly so keep your hands on the wheel and your eye on the road!

Note well

This Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn sets the preview to another global shift coming in January 2020 

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Solar Eclipses: Agents of Change

Boost Your Success with new and Full Moon Cycles

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