Tues 3 Jan 2022: New Moon In Capricorn - it couldn't be better!

A New Moon, a New Year - this Capricorn New Moon couldn't have come at a better time!

Every Capricorn Moon places focus on setting our Intentions so now's the perfect time to list and focus clearly on what you want to achieve and experience this 2022

This New Moon In Capricorn teaches you persistence and urges you to create a better life on earth - for yourself and others

What steps can you take in your own home, work and life to contribute to plastic-free oceans and a greener world around you?

Capricorn focuses on service to humanity via conscious choices and decisions and it supports these becoming your reality.

Capricorn’s Gift to you this New Year New Moon is to

  • Expect magic all year long AND take whatever actions you can towards it
  • Make a focused list of your Intentions (realistically achievable)
  • Deliberately take consistent steps forward, focusing on your personal & professional intentions, your dreams, wishes and ‘bucket lists’

Clear, do-able intentions are like google maps!

Creating an intention in any area of your life whether it's health, relationships, work, wealth or spirituality is like texting your energetic Google Map directions for a particular cycle of time - be it a day, week, month, moon cycle, season or year.

Any Intention is like a signpost to check in regularly that you're traveling in the right direction and haven't gone on a tiki-tour down the 'rabbit hole' - and if you have, how and where to clearly get back on track again.

Are you setting Intentions you'll enjoy keeping?

Take some time out, be alone and undisturbed and write down a list of anything you'd like to experience or achieve this year - longer lists are better.

Keep at the list until you have about 8 clear, do-able Intentions in different parts of your life. Please be kind to yourself - it's no use making them so grand they're unachievable.

To start activating each one on the list, break each Intention down one-at-a-time with a list below each to learn, research or activate to start on the path to achieving them.

This is a power-filled moment in time

It's both unique and empowering so use this Capricorn New Moon energy to create, list, plan and take steps to creating a magical and memorable year for yourself.

Now the hard work's done, here’s a few fun insights to look forward to in 2022

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