Eclipses are the agents of change

They fall 4 to 6 times every year and are known to help break patterns and shift dynamics ...

It's wise to learn how to use the powerful energy of eclipses to your benefit and this is where Moon Meditations are the most creative and beneficial for you

Learn how to use Eclipse Energy wisely and constructively

These supercharged moon moments can bring unexpected change to help us move on

Eclipses are agents of change, can signify endings and new phases in our life beginning plus they have the energy to magnify and enhance every decision or action

Join me online for our Full and New Moon Meditations each month

At SOLAR ECLIPSES we often consider new options or leap into new areas

Ancient sages say everything we do consciously during an eclipse is 1000 more powerful

Major growth can be initiated during these cosmic power outages; we may also be forced to consider options we may never otherwise explore!

This is when we should leap into new and improved terrain with optimism and planning

LUNAR ECLIPSES occur at Full Moons

Ancient sages say everything we do consciously during an eclipse is 1000 more powerful

Lunar eclipses give us the opportunity to embrace our wholeness and see where we have room to grow in new directions

Owning the fact that we have emotions (like fear, anger, anxiety, jealousy and frustration) is the first step to being with and accepting them ... Lunar eclipses can be potent moments of self-discovery and joy

At Lunar Eclipses expect magical moments of discovery and be heart-centred and open to learning and growing beautifully 

Learn how to use Lunar & Eclipse Energies wisely and constructively

The Ancients say - 'Everything you do consciously during an eclipse is a 1000 times more powerful'

Align your energy with the Full Moon / New Moon / Eclipse cycle - every month

Join me online for our Full and New Moon Meditations each month

 Meditate together and create an empowered energy field to manifest your New & Full Moon intentions faster & more beautifully


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