Romance and Relationships in the 2020 Metal Rat Year

In Chinese astrology the Rat is considered a Flower of Romance star and it is considered a year where beauty, romance and grace are highlighted

There will be significant contributions or booms in both the entertainment AND beauty industries

The Animals most harmonious to all Rat relationships and business/personal partnerships are the Ox, Monkey and Dragon

The Year of the Social Metal Rat can be sensual and romantic

Rats love their partnerships and are very busy socially, too … this is a great year for making new friends, trying new and different group activities and for enriching current partnerships and friendships

  • Rat Years can make us prone to possessiveness. Don’t go chewing holes in relationships because you’re feeling jealous, insecure or threatened.
  • In Rat Years you will probably need greater amounts of reassurance in order to feel secure about love
  • Fortunately, the metal influence will stabilize many of our connections in 2020

Rat People and Rat Years are known for sharing and caring

You may be drawn to pool funds for

  • A joint purchase
  • To co-own property
  • Or share exclusive objects

Find and work with your Dream Team in Metal Rat Years 

It’s a great time to organize your personal team of mentors and supporters and find the people who need your precious Pro Tips

The Metal element blesses you with extra energy and support from both the universe and others which expedites transformation

In the animal kingdom, Rats take care of their sick and injured

Rats become withdrawn, lonely and depressed without companionship - its another good reason to avoid isolation in 2020

Rats are major conformists, copying the behaviours of the rest of their ‘mischief’ (the legit name for a group of rats) … so watch out not to fall prey to peer pressure this Year

Metal emotions can be associated with grief and courage

  • In the Year of the Metal Rat, find the strength to let your feelings flow. It’s a noble challenge!
  • Discover new techniques for freeing stress and moving energy to energise, calm and expand you
  • Nurture awareness of the surge of energy that anger/frustration may bring, into creative physical exercise rather than down-loading and hurting your-self or others

While it will take resourcefulness, energy and focus to harness the full creative energy of 2020, it’s also a year for employing and enjoying the best.

It will be a rewarding and full-on year … be able to one you’ll look back on and say “Whew! Well done, Me!!”

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Enjoy the Best of Your 2020 Metal Rat Year

Let's create an enriching & inspiring Year for you asap!

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