Rare Blue Full Moon in TAURUS - 31 Oct 2020


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31 October 7.30pm to 8pm

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All the Astrologers are watching this 31 Oct Full Moon

Its predicted to be ‘Letting in the Light’ universally in a very big way 

Join us to meditate together and ride this very special wave of Universal Energy to impact, uplift and inspire ourselves, our loved ones and each other this Sat

Sat 31 Oct 7.30-8pm
Zoom 864-4891-9783 - open early

FULL MOONS - invite creativity and manifestation

The Full Moon energy is focused on the fulfilment, manifesting and harvesting of the lunar energies every Lunar Cycle

The Full Moon also comes with guidance from the planets on how and where to focus your energy and intentions 

Practical, pragmatic, Earth Sign TAURUS is ruled by Venus

The planet of love and romance, beauty and art, all things related to desire and the emotions

This physical / sensual moon might have you chasing more of the same - make sure you’re not breaking the bank or your heart - or someone else’s this Lunar Cycle

TAURUS - working hard to make beautiful things happen

Taurus rules our financial foundations, the energy of making, spending and enjoying the comfort, beauty, and luxury it can bring you

While highlighting the material and earthly pleasures, generosity and love of comfort and the pleasures of anything material, Taurus energy also highlights

  • determination
  • hard work
  • efficiency
  • honourable actions and / or intentions
  • ethical values

Nurture your relationships this Taurus Full Moon

Taurus energy highlights generosity and spending on loved ones and you! Watch your budget - this lunar energy can be generous to a fault!

Lasting friendships can be formed and nurtured in this Full Moon cycle – caring, sharing and being practical and patient with loved ones while spending time together is emphasised now

It’s a great time to organise loving, fun time together with your bestie, partners and loved one(s) – picnic in the Gardens anyone?

New roads are opening, 2020 energy is releasing

To make the most of this rare ‘Blue Full Moon’ sensitivities, meditate daily and turn inwards to inner calm then listen to your intuition and inner guidance and be aware of the direction it’s guiding you in

Gratitude brings more, more, more to be grateful for

Huge value will come from focusing with gratitude for how much you truly have this Lunar Cycle

We’re all in a ‘mirror universe’ so the more genuine gratitude you nurture throughout your days, the more you will have to give thanks for in the future

Enjoy this beautiful 31 October Full Moon in Taurus!

My actions have become much more focused and intentional, life's got easier

"Becoming aware of the Moon Cycles has been huge for me as now I can understand why I have felt the way I did over the years.  I’m a Cancer so every New and Full Moon Meditation are pretty significant for me. Because of my awareness of the Moon Cycles, I can now 'ride the wave' easier than before.

Every Moon Meditation makes me reflect on those emotions that don’t serve me anymore and directs me to more of what I want to manifest in my life... my actions have become much more focused and intentional as a result"

SK, Hamilton NZ

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