November 2020 can be a wild ride

Did you know that the last 2 months of 2020 are super-important?

There’s heightened potential all over the place this November and you’ll need grit, focus, fun and friendships to navigate it well 

Pay attention to the energy of 11 this month

11 energy is usually pretty full on and this month is no different.

Number 11 energy is considered a 'master number' by numerologists - that means its opportunities and challenges can appear larger than normal and with the impact of 3 Moons, two on 15 & 30 November and one on 31 October, its setting the tone for the whole month

7 tips to 'ride the wave' this month

To keep the upper-hand in 11 energy, you'll make the best of everything coming your way by trusting yourself and nurturing your -

  1. inner calm
  2. natural skills and abilities
  3. hold your vision for this month, year, project, relationship 
  4. stay focused, be persistent
  5. nurture your inner guidance
  6. look to outer support and resources, in unexpected places too
  7. Have fun - what's the point if you don't laugh, have fun and pat yourself (and each other) on the back regularly

There's more -11 energy offers offers the highest potential - across the board 

The 11 energy supports achievement in whatever area you’re focused on - don't limit it to just one this month

What's your vision for your relationships this month, your work projects, your health and spiritual / inner journey, your home, your garden even?

11 energy's bringing you a higher potential for all your plans, projects and visions / desires 

Watch your budgets, check your finances, seek for good value experiences

The 11 energy energizes potential AND challenges

11 energy can initiate -

  • grand plans and schemes that fail to manifest themselves in the real world
  • schemes-and-dreams which can lead to time wasting, ‘woolly’ thinking, impulsive ideas, excesses 

Be 'The Boss' this month

Extend your normal reach to pool your spiritual, mental, emotional resources and relationships together to channel towards success

Good news! 11 energy nurtures spiritual illumination

  • It’s an excellent month for spiritual courses, spiritual growth and development – in whatever heart-connected way you are drawn to
  • Your intuition and inner guidance will be easier to connect with
  • Spiritual healing and developing excellence in whatever you do is nurtured in 11 energy

One way or the other, we're in for a ride this November!

While the rest of the world is having a hugely different, vastly more intense journey from us in their daily lives, politics, economics and environment, one way or the other we’re in for a bit-of-a-ride this November!
Let’s enjoy it, engage in the adventure, hang on tight, keep laughing, stay close to those you love and have fun together and look after each other - wherever you are and whoever you’re with.

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November lunar cycles energize specific areas of your life

31 October - the Earthy Full Moon in Taurus will impact the first week of November 
read the Taurus Full Moon's energy >>
15 November -  Scorpio New Moon will put a sting into things as the old makes way for the new

30 November Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in GEMINI - yippee to that!!


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