There are thousands of different ways to meditate ...

Here's a few of the basics you may like to check before you begin

Your posture

Whether sitting on a chair or cross-legged, your back needs to be straight, upright, supported, comfortable (cushion etc) and never rigid

If on a chair, your feet are flat on the floor or supported on a cushion or folded rug

There are other posture options for meditating - these are the most practical for everyday use in our culture

Your Finger Mudras

Finger Mudras direct subtle energy to your chakras and throughout your body. Different Mudras send energy to different parts of the body for emotional, physical and mental well-being, balance and harmony

The everyday finger mudra for most meditators is Pranaykriya 1 mudra - the tip of your index finger touches the tip of  your thumb. This sends subtle energy to your lower Chakras

Your Breath

Your breath is directly linked to the speed and intensity of your thoughts ... different breathing meditations and practices have different benefits, some of which should be professionally supervised. 

In our 'Meditations Made Simple' Workshop we learn and practice at least 4 powerful and simple Breathing techniques for shifting your consciousness - here is one which is powerful, simple and brings you great benefits.

Your Eyes

While there are meditations where the eyes are fully or partially open,  most of us gently and naturally close our eyes. This helps us focus with greater awareness on our meditation and thus increases the benefits for us

The environment around you

Sometimes we may worry needlessly about wanting, trying or thinking we have to have silence to meditate

Its the opposite! Meditation brings Inner Silence ... which leaves outer noise for dead!!

  • If your awareness is drawn repeatedly to noises outside, then gently and persistently return your awareness to the object you are focusing on, be it your breath, vizualising, chanting, whatever.
  • Eventually, your thinking will slow down with your breathing, you'll experience more deeply what you are focusing on (you can't force this) and something else that's beautiful will start to happen naturally

That's what meditating is all about - a beautiful journey to a more beautiful experience and quality of life

‘Thank you so much for the Meditation Workshop – it was a wonderful day, we loved it and learned a lot. ‘

I never thought something so easy could give such a profound sense of peace and calm.

It was truly amazing realising our own power of thought, mind and breath’

Maree & Brett, Te Mata

'Why do I get emotional during my meditation and have tears or laughter for no reason?'

This can happen! It's a query from a meditator at our last 'Meditation Made Simple' Workshop. For experienced meditators, this is a great blessing ... it is seen as an emotional release of energy that has been 'blocked' or held unconsciously

You don't need to engage your mind to 'understand' it. Simply experience it flowing through you as fully as possible

The best thing you can do is send out thanks to the universe for your spontaneous release and do your best to fully be with it 

It is always healing whether laughter or tears, so see it as a blessing or gift

Take extra care of yourself for 12-24 hours afterwards e.g. extra water, rest, gentle exercise, no alcohol helps your experience get fully integrated

You'll soon feel great!

The worst thing you can do is try to understand it

The mind kicks in and wants to describe or 'understand' the experience instead of just having the experience. Trying to 'understand' can impact on the benefits of the release for you.

Remind yourself that although it may be a new experience, it is hugely beneficial for you and just be grateful for the experience if this happens to you. Its a real gift!

100 Benefits of Meditation

Our 2019 Meditation Made Simple Workshop

7 Minute Practice to Move into High States of Consciousness

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