July 2020: The yin-yang, zen of life

As Nature turns her seasonal wheel this July, deploy its reflective, renewing and re-focusing powers to decide how you'll fully engage with it

This time in your yearly, lunar and personal cycle is where contemplation, reflection, more time in and connection with nature and meditation pay off

Watch out! Coincidences and synchronicities are everywhere

The July 7 energy brings you more good luck, good fortune and an increase in auspicious events, coincidences and synchronicities – small or random, watch out for and expect them this July

Cross the t’s, dot the I’s!

Nurture perfection, paying attention to details and analysis

Whether in …

  • The relentless attention to detail in the international lab-race for a Covid 19 antivirus
  • Crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s in admin, accounting and legalities
  • Or to where attention to detail will make a more beautiful product or experience for others e.g. machinery, hobbies, the arts, crafts 

How’re you’re looking?

7 energy reminds us it’s time to update, redesign, renew, represent, joozsh-up and pay our personal and professional presentation, public image or profile attention

How do you wish to be perceived? As your authentic, beautiful, individually-talented self?

It's time to connect and share with others

  • It may be time for a new business photo
  • Website update
  • Profile rewrite
  • Or simply the best time to step up and out more to share your knowledge, wisdom, expertise and point of view more openly

Leadership roles come under scrutiny this month

July brings the spotlight of integrity on people in positions of authority – often questioning their decisions, authenticity or accountability

You might like to watch this video on leadership roles and values in the future … we are increasingly demanding accountability and authenticity, people who ‘walk their talk’ to lead us in the future
BS will simply not ‘cut the mustard’ in any form of leadership roles in the future months and years to come … whether in business, politics, teams, community, policing or armed forces or legal and finances, wise, experienced and humanitarian leaders are the way of the future

Oops! Something last minute needs your attention

Something may need to be dealt extra-promptly this July. If you’re tempted to delay or pass it over, the 7 energy suggests that you don’t!

Hindsight says you’ll be grateful you did!

‘Step out’ - ‘step in’

Life’s an adventure and a sacred, happy one as well!

This month is the perfect time to focus on what (new) peace, directions, creativity, projects and inner / outer adventures you’d like to create and engage in

Let's engage!!

July's cycle of energy has the potential to be gracious, beautiful, fulfilling and re-energising for you.

Have Fun!! Enjoy finding new directions, exploring the unknown and expanding your horizons this July!



There's a lot to be gained from this next 12 - 24 month cycle!

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