Fast-track your Intuition with ease, calm and creativity

Do you have problems choosing what feels right for you?

Do you sometimes feel indecisive about saying ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to anything, big or small?

Try this fun, step-by-step tested way to fast-track your own intuition so you can confidently make decisions that are right for you.

Being able to trust your own intuition will give you heaps more confidence in making everyday decisions that  matter to you ... and save you unconsciously wasting energy worrying about which way is right for you (or not)

Fast-tracking your intuition is a fun and rewarding asset in all your decision-making processes. Enjoy!

A great place to start is to treat yourself to a beautiful intuition journal

You will find an A4 blank page journal is perfect for this project (blank pages don’t limit you like lined pages can)

A4 pages are a great size for adding notes, ideas, doodles, collage, cut-outs – anything visual will reinforce whatever you choose to focus on at the time.

Next … list what you'd love

In your new Journal, write a list of some activities you would LOVE to do or experience


  • A specific project - it may be something you've been putting off doing, a project at work or at home
  • A long-held dream - e.g. you've dreamed for ages of travelling to Italy
  • A recent opportunity or desire - you want to update your health, finances, relationship, clean the wardrobe, catch up on the book-keeping, etc
  • An event or experience on your Bucket List
  • Or ... whatever resonates strongly with you at the moment

3 tips for more success

  1. Keep it simple, believable and achievable e.g. 'I'm going to save $$$$ before Christmas'  NOT  'I'm going to win Lotto before Christmas'!
  2. It's helpful to inwardly feel connected to, comfortable and aligned with this is doable for you - even though you don't know how yet 
  3. Don't overload your list - you can add to it and tweak it again later

Amp-up your awareness

Now you've chosen a few, take just one and ….

Close your eyes and repeat it to yourself in a simple sentence a few times  - aloud or inwardly, slowly with awareness

Then place your awareness on your heart centre (or heart chakra) and place both your hands over this space respectfully

Pay attention to the sensation

  • Pay attention to any subtle responses either emotional or physical (not your thoughts or thinking)
  • They may show up as a feeling of happiness, calmness, peace or ‘Yes, that’s it’ 
  • Some physical responses may include goose-bumps, shivers, a subtle response in the gut for others – it's different for everyone

Discover your own 'intuitive-style'

As you learn to listen to your often-subtle responses  you'll also be learning about your own intuitive style – whether it is more emotional, physical, visual or even audial. 

There are many ways your intuition will express itself to you

You will notice your intuition may express itself more easily in one particular area for you – I call that your ‘intuitive style or signature’

Use the one(s) which come most naturally to you 


  • More visual people may see intuitively in inner pictures or words
  • Someone who loves music may respond to sound or hear inwardly 
  • A physically active person may recognize their intuition via physical responses 
  • Someone who's very caring may feel their intuition responds via emotional feelings, whether it 'feels right'

These are just a few of the ways your intuition can be communicating with you

Checking in – how are you going?

Your next step is to have fun rating the strength of your intuitive response on a 1-10 scale and writing the (approximate) number beside the item on your list

This is not a competition - it's simply a fun way to assess your level of awareness (doing so increases your awareness, too)

Once you have done that, you could repeat Steps 1- 4 above to gauge each intuitive response 

Journal your visual inspiration

As you do this each day, look for beautiful images and inspiring quotes or words from magazines, newspapers, cards, Pinterest, wherever to make a visual story related to what you're focusing on

Leave plenty of room in your Journal to collage them all around the one you're working with


Staying calm, clear, alert and peaceful will grow your awareness faster

This is a new skill you're learning ... it's important to take your time, enjoy the process and keep practicing regularly

You can have fun and check your ratings afterwards to see where your body and/or emotions responded to most obviously

Each time you do this, your responses will be more obvious ... you can trust this is your intuition saying 'Yes' to the best outcomes for you at this time

Many famous people trust and use their intuition, so can you 

Many famous CEO’s use their intuition to double-check all important decisions, Oprah, Steve Branson (Virgin Airlines) and Steve Jobs (Apple) are a few

They have learnt by experience – whether a gut feeling, a hunch, prickles on the skin, dreams or just ‘knowing’ – that combining both facts, research and intuition give them a full picture to move forward with more successful results

Want to get more accurate inner guidance?

  • Start where you are ..
  • Baby steps' one-at-a-time are always best and
  • Practicing as often as possible daily will increase your accuracy (FAST!)

Have fun! Fast-tracking your intuition upgrades all your decisions

When you’re learning how to fast-track your intuition, it’s valuable to remember that your intuition’s just like a muscle

It simply gets better, stronger and more practical and accurate the more you use it.


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