An Abundant August brings a Breathe of Fresh Air


This August brings you a ‘breathe of fresh air’ as it initiates a month of fresh energy, originality and abundance with fabulous New and Full Moon Meditations, an HUGE World Peace Festival including our very own NZ Commissioner for Race Relations, Meng Foon, and a month full of humanitarian activities, confidence-boosters and new initiatives ... read on and join us!

August is an 8 energy month

In an 8 energy month, paying extra attention to some or all of these aspects of your life can really pay off and create a much more productive and rewarding month for you - see below!

Our twice-monthly Moon Meditations rock!!

Short, sweet (free) and focused on creating a fabulous month, every month, for you, Moon Meditations are a great investment in your health, happiness, focus and vision every month

Your August Full Moon is a powerful catalyst for change

The August Full Moon is in Aquarius - an Air element sign, the sign of resourcefulness, courage, hopes, ideals and innovation AND always a catalyst for change

So you can expect new ideas, liaisons, friendships and/or partnerships to emerge as well as more opportunities for freedom, abundance, truth, enlightenment and Peace

Yippee! Your August New Moon is in Leo and brings boosts of confidence

Our August New Moon is in Leo - a Fire element sign, Leo energy advances loyalty, responsibility, courage, innovative and decisive decision-making

Leo energy is also charming and magnanimous - first impressions count big-time! It also a sign that promotes initiative and all forms of leadership including those that arise to lead a project. Creativity, self-expression and life/work growth are activated by Leo moonbeams so it’s important that you take SOME sort of action to get the ball rolling by or before this New Moon starts

New Moons are always ‘starting blocks’, opening up six-month windows to develop, expand and step into a new league


"It's good to be reminded of the universal energies that are flowing through our lives and how to maximize them. You're a wealth of knowledge, Yolanda. Thank you so much"

Sandie M, Auckland NZ

August energy - enriching & abundant

In an 8 energy month, paying extra attention to some or all of these aspects of your life can really pay off and create a much more productive and rewarding month for you ...

* Ambition and/or personal empowerment - this is a great month for 'stepping up and out' without ego and with vision

* Achievements - get clear this month and focus on what you want and enjoy planning and 'going for it'

* Fresh starts, new perspectives and experiences - the Full Moon's in the sign of Aquarius and that means half this month is totally up for initiating and actioning ANY form of change in your life - new activities, perspectives, decisions, projects, etc

* Be resourceful, love your courage - change takes courage and without it we'd never move an inch into the unknown. Enjoy accessing your's - it's a great asset for an enrich, fabulous life

* Incomes versus out goings, money, accountability, finances are up for review, tweaking, managing more productively ... and change (for the better)!

* Efficiency and effectiveness - plan, structure, list, tick and cross off, repeat!

* Originality and creativity - new approaches pay off in the short and long term. Beware though - t's not the time for impulsive moves or grand gestures

* Unexpected opportunities / events - watch out for these. I call them synchronicities or coincidences, others call them miracles. Whatever the word is, magic's happening and you don't want to miss it, in the big or tiny moments

Have a great August - it's an abundant, deeply peaceful and nurturing month this year.

This year's 7 Day Ekam World Peace Festival totally rocked!

NZ can be super-proud!

We were represented by our NZ Commissioner for Race Relations, Meng Foon on Day 3 of Meditations for all Races and Religions. Meng Foon briefly shared his personal journey of being of Ngati Porou and Chinese descent and his perspective on peace for all races. He went on to say he'd never talked to 10 million people before as we only had 5 million in NZ and what a priviledge it was to be invited

Gregg Braden (famous famous famous) was the final Day's guest speaker and he affirmed everything related to the absolute necessity for and power of peace in all of our lives from a scientific perspective (Gregg's famous for his books on prayer, spirituality and sacred geometry - the Ekam temple is all built on Hindu sacred geometry and it's a huge spiritual powerhouse).

The Kosmic Band closed every day with live music - ancient sacred chants to modern dance music. Beautiful, fun, celebrations.

All in all, an exceptional Meditation, heart-touching, hugely-impressive stand for #JustPeace - the biggest ever gathering for Peace Meditation in the world, to date! Watch this space for 2012!

You can experience all full live Ekam World Peace Festival 1hr Days here

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