30 November 2020 - Gemini Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse

Every Full Moon invites creativity and manifestation

The Full Moon energy is focused on the manifesting and fulfilling of the lunar energies – it comes with guidance from the planets on how and where to focus your energy and intentions 

Ruled by Mercury, this dualistic, Air-sign Gemini Full Moon is a chatty trickster

Expect fun and games this Full Moon - and the 6 days leading up to and after it.

7 tips to 'blitz and eclipse' this Gemini Full Moon

1: Anything to do with communicating and communications

Good, bad, true or misleading, national, international or one-on-one, emails, social media & ‘chitter-chatter’

It’s a great time to Zoom your knowledge, share fabulous articles and energise others with your communications

2: Logical thinking & smart processes dominate 

Smart thinking avoids consequences and solves problems in logical steps this cycle

3: Intellectual ideas, achievements, innovations appear

Gemini energy is super-innovative - whether it’s Number 8 wire mentality or new humanitarian anti-viruses ... but beware! Gemini’s got the ideas but it takes others to bring their ideas to fruition

4: Teaching and learning

Success with grants, funding, financing educational and artistic institutions are favoured by Gemini moonbeams

5: Arts, Crafts and Design flourish in artistic, creative Gemini

It’s perfect timing to -

  • Feng Shui your entrance and bedroom
  • Watch out for emerging artists, art sales and to visit galleries
  • Take up a new creative activity or project

6: Gemini Moons are tricky

Last but not least, watch out for mischief, tricks in the dis-guise of humour, sleight of hand (or mouth). All is not what it seems!

Naughty Gemini energy often gets a giggle out of discombobulating others, playing practical and (sometimes) deceptive jokes on others

7: But … Gemini’s loving Moonbeams shine on their loved ones and closest friends

Gemini favours committed partnerships, liberal thinkers and eases forgiveness in close relationships and friendships

Here come the fireworks!

It’s a Lunar Eclipse too

Ready or not, it’s decision-making time for clear changes

Eclipses can activate the unexpected and force us to take swift action. They are dramatic turning points that frequently provide the cosmic kick in the pants to push us off the fence and into action

However, if you’ve been losing energy dithering, indecisive or waiting for clarity for a clear sign or an answer, an Eclipse will speed up the process

Lunar eclipses: Let it go, let it flow

Lunar eclipses can be potent moments of self-discovery, break-through’s and joy

But the days before them will require presence, patience and empathy as they may be irrational, confusing or uncomfortable

Once the lunar eclipse does its job of transformation, clearing and cleansing, only gratitude and beautiful good things will unfold and you’ll be glad you looked them in the eye

These are the likely outcomes of this Lunar Eclipse

A re-set in your Priorities
A shift in your Values
Crystal Clarity on new ways to accomplish your goals 


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