How to simply (and quickly)... pause and be more present to life

'Throughout history, breath has often been associated with the idea of a life force or spirit … the Latin word “spiritus” means breath. The Sanskrit word “pranayama” comes from the words “prana” (life energy) and “ayama” (to extend or draw out).

Practicing breathwork is inherently spiritual

When you cultivate a relationship with your breath, you simultaneously cultivate a relationship with your spirit. They are one and the same. Your spirit is your breath, and your breath is your spirit.

Every time you bring awareness to your breath, you are learning to become present and grounded in your body.

Being embodied in this way is essential to spiritual development

When we learn to inhabit our bodies with gentleness, attunement and compassion, we are able to access connection with ourselves, others, and our sense of purpose

In a culture where we are constantly bombarded with messages that we are projects that need fixing and upgrading, cultivating a breathwork practice is an act of radical self-care.

It helps us quit fighting ourselves and teaches us to tend to our bodies and minds with care and love'.


How do you wake up feeling in the morning?

Did you know that before you even get out of bed, your mind and mood are already setting the tone for the rest of your day?

Do you wake up feeling happy? Or do you wake up feeling dread, fear, anxiety or anticipating stress?

Here's how and why to shift your feelings and your day from mundane to happy, uplifted and productive.

Take 3 x slow, deep CONSCIOUS BREATHS

1: As you inhale, say to yourself internally - “I am inhaling”

2: As you exhale, say to yourself internally - “I am exhaling”

3: Simply repeat x 3 deep breaths

Then say to yourself ...

‘I will not be lost. I will bring my attention into this moment”

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