How to simply (and quickly)... pause and be more present to life


How do you wake up feeling in the morning?

Did you know that before you even get out of bed, your mind and mood are already setting the tone for the rest of your day?

Do you wake up feeling happy? Or do you wake up feeling dread, fear, anxiety or anticipating stress?

Take 3 x slow, deep CONSCIOUS BREATHS

1: As you inhale, say to yourself internally - “I am inhaling”

2: As you exhale, say to yourself internally - “I am exhaling”

3: Simply repeat x 3 deep breaths

NB: The inhilation is twice as long as the exhalation

Then say to yourself ...

‘I will not be lost. I will bring my attention into this moment”

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My sincere thanks for the 3 Conscious Breaths Practice, courtesy of O & O Academy, Southern India.

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