2020 / 4 year: Building your dreams one step at a time

A new Year and new Decade arrive together in 2020 … both have their individual benefits and life will never be 'the same' by 2030!

Let’s see what opportunities this 2020 / 4 year holds for you at work / business, in your finances, health and spiritually

4 energy focuses specifically on …

  • Consciously creating firm foundations – in your relationships, property, career, business and skill base
  • Organisation, planning, meticulous attention to detail, repeat
  • Material achievement – you’ll need to measure any success materially and emotionally this year
  • Discipline – yes! patience and persistence pay off this year
  • Concentration – discover your own best work style AND work it!
  • Mind over matter, will power, going the extra mile
  • Health issues – get the check-ups, do the basics thoroughly, focus on mental & emotional balance and harmony as a health priority this year
  • Real estate – buy, sell, relocate, renovate, invest … be meticulous pre-purchase
  • Good fortune and good news – stay alert for signs and opportunities
  • Financial security AND retirement – plan, save, repeat … as ever x

The ‘devil is in the detail’

Like hammering in the nails in a building project, this year 2020 / 4 year can be filled with wondrous things ... it’s the repetition of the small things every day, all year long, with planning, presence and attention to detail that creates connected experiences and successful outcomes for you and your loved ones

How will your dreams come to fruition this 4 year?

This is a worker-bee year!

Keep checking the list of 4 energy above throughout your year to stay on track. Things WILL happen but when and how will be completely up to how you use and balance your energy this year (see Nurture your Inner World below)

Focus, planning, patience, persistence paves the way to pleasures and treasures in a 4 year

Here’s a few extra tips

  • This year the ball really is in your court and your steady, creative consistency will pave the way for a wave of success that gathers momentum in the later four months of 2020
  • 4 years remind us that ‘steady as she goes’ saves the day
  • Avoid big gestures or extravagant outlays – in a 4 year they can create long-term disasters
  • If you’re tempted to ‘pay and play’ the first few months away, pay it back pronto!

(see Money and Finances below)

4 years highlight certain businesses and professions

Surprise! Surprise!

Any industry related to construction, the building industry and real estate flourish in 4 years.

Of course, the other 4 energies support the success of home, house, land and property but it’s a material and physical-manifestation year where planning, action, accountability and integrity make it happen, delay or not!

If you’re buying, selling, relocating or building this year, EXTRA due diligence is necessary and if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

You’ll achieve more faster this year when you focus on taking planned steps and clear actions balanced with enriched downtime and loving relationships

Living your life simply, gratefully and kindly will enrich and nurture you and your loved ones in other ways – the ones that truly matter xxx

Money and finances in 2020 / 4 year

Keep a ‘weather eye’ on the finances in a 4 year!

Money and how we manage it equals survival in our culture (currently).

Money is the energy of your actions solidified into currency … this is a year to value your energy differently and be very clear about how and what you wish to create and experience with it, both short-term and long-term

Avoid stress, worry or fear with

  • Good savings plan (we all have to start somewhere)
  • Seek trustworthy advice
  • Stay focused on integrity, the fine print, great service and value whatever you do to for and with others

Enjoy upping your money-game this year!

It’ll pay-off so have fun financially, even up-skilling!

You’ll find good NZ related books at the library, follow David Bach and sorted.org is a fab place to see how to plan and budget for future fun and security

PS: 4 years pay extra focus on Retirement Savings … Kiwi Saver anyone?

Resources that work and last

David Bach - super-practical, everyday financial Whizz

Sorted.org - NZ specific and very easy

Nurture your inner world – calmness, creativity, connection

Keeping your balance is super-important this year – here’s 4 areas that will work for you anytime, anywhere

1: Meditations really do rock – short or long, you can do 2-3 mins in the supermarket carpark or anywhere in just a few minutes. They’re real game-changers - my favourite, go-to meditation app is the new Breathing Room.com

2: My Usui Reiki has sustained and nurtured me and thousands of others over the years because it works and keeps working - no prizes for guessing who loves Usui Reiki and has been teaching and practicing it for over 22 years xx

3: Stay and continually return your awareness to whatever you’re doing in the Present Moment

Nurture this, practice this - when you're in the Present Moment, all -

  • Fear disappears
  • Stress reduces
  • Solutions appear
  • New ideas pop up naturally and flower
  • Innovative creativity, calmness and connection are all born

4: Sleep is Medicine

Enough said – get it sorted (see free resources below), become energised and live a quality life every day xxx

Inner World resources that work and last

BreathingRoom.com – join online then download the App too

Reiki Health NZ – simple, powerful, authentic, non-invasive Usui Reiki Treatments & Classes

Sleep Resources – Arianna Huffington

2020 Bonus - Trends World Leaders predict

World Leaders are predicting the investment in and success of the follow areas -

  • Green energy resources - simplicity & sustainability are the buzz words
  • New ideas & innovations in medicine & technology
  • Health industry surges - especially natural, organic & biodegradable packaging products
  • Spirituality - authentic connections to our selves, each other and all of the planet
  • Transparent Leadership - women-led business, cultures, communities & nations

World leaders are saying to stay calm, cautious and conservative - be patient, observe and wait for another 6-9 months (Oct/Nov - Feb/March 2021)

2020 to 2030: 4 energy kick-starts a new decade 

read the full article here ...

In a 4 year where application and action pay off, you’ll get extra value powering-up your energy and nurturing your health, peace-of-mind, happiness and nutrition to get the very best for a productive and enriching year



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