2000 to 2020: Transformation of Life as we Know it

In this new millenium there will be a huge upheaval of energy and transformation both individually and planetary

Shifts and changes, transformation, the old breaking down and being replaced by the New ...

This includes a whole new relationship with ourselves as energy beings who are in a constant state of unparalleled, increasingly-conscious, creativity ...

We are the first generation of 'Conscious Creators'.

2000 to 2020

New perspectives, rapid shifts in all areas of life, time is speeding up

  • Spiritual teachers say – the most important karma we are creating is in THIS lifetime.
  • As our experience of time speeds up, so do the fruits of our karma – what goes around is returning to us much faster than ever before.

2000 to 2010

New waves of creative inspiration and energy

  • The 1st decade of the new millennium became focused on the desire for change ... change that benefitted all people, not just the few.
  • This included new ways of perceiving, experiencing and relating to all of life and what it took to live a happy and prosperous life.

2010 to 2020

Consciousness is accelerating rapidly

  • The 2nd decade is about exploring, aligning with and learning how to direct our energy to make a more beautiful and enriching life, and world, to live in.
  • As the old ways are shifting and clearing, expect breakthroughs and transformation - politically, socially, financially, medically, technologically, in all areas of life across the world. 
  • That which does not serve all, dissolves and disappears …

The way 'out and through' is to prioritise your happiness and inner peace

2015 to 2020 

Consciously creating material and spiritual growth and fulfilment

  • 2015 to 2020 heralds a new, world-wide trend – a universal blossoming of beauty and love.
  • Neither trivial or religious, a new and much deeper, authentic way of living with the flow of Love-as-Life is becoming accessible to all
  • Your lives have unparalleled opportunities to be enriched, as do your relationships, finances, work and businesses

2015 to 2025

Major transformation in all areas of life

  • In the coming years, particularly 2015 – 2020 to 2025 you can expect to learn new ways of experiencing your reality, empowering you to change your world – to one that includes more peace, prosperity and happiness.
  • This is a huge trend – exciting, inspiring, totally new, leading to completely new experiences, technology, revelations in life and business – never seen before.

Experiencing your new reality … living, loving and creating consciously 

No longer are we waiting for someone else to decide our future for us.

As the energy of the new millennium shifts and surges, it is YOU who can learn to love and direct this energy, to ride the wave of life and love every moment of it.

Not only do we learn to help ourselves to a better and more beautiful way of life, we get very capable and innovative about how to help others

© copyright 2020 Yolanda Cholmondeley-Smith is well-known as an intuitive clairvoyant consultant and medium, Meditation and Reiki Teacher, writer and transformational guide.

She is the author of many articles and an e-book - 'Your life Your Future' about global predictions and trends, intuitive awakening, personal growth and creative success.

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