2 October 2020: Power up this Full Moon with the Fiery Red Ram

The Red Fiery Ram gives you power, impetus and energy this 2 October Full Moon

Use this energy to forge ahead with whatever you want to achieve and complete – plan, research, stand up and share!

Full Moons are for creativity & manifestation

At Full Moons we clarify and set our intentions to manifest and harvest your heart-felt desires every lunar cycle

And the Full Moon also comes this month with guidance from Aries on how and where to focus your intentions and power up your life

Use Aries’ empowering energy to

  • Reconnect, stand-up and stand-proud of all you’ve accomplished to this date
  • Promote yourself (loudly or quietly) with pride or at least share how amazing you are – there’ll be something that you take for granted that others will be amazed and quietly impressed by
  • Think positive, believe fruitful and look to your future carefully

Aries energy is adventurous and leads the way

Fire energy releases heaps of emotional AND physical energy so don’t blast anyone with your emotions this time around.

You’ll love yourself more and so will others!!

Aries rules the head, home of the mind and brain

Take time to assess your state of mind … is it overworked, under-stimulated, on auto-pilot?

Aries rules the head, home of the mind and brain, a reminder to manage your stress and time so you do more of what you love using your mind for

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See red!

Every astrological sign has a colour – Aries is RED

  • Red indicates the material – anything related to survival (love, health, wealth), courage, and vitality
  • Red is associated with the first (root) chakra, which is stable and grounding—much like Aries can be when they rise into their leadership
  • It’s time to fire up your world – wear red, eat red, decorate with red to activate, energise and revitalise your world

Clear the path ahead - bless and release with fire

Ancient civilisations knew the power of releasing the old through Fire Rituals. Purge negative energy and mark endings and completions fully and finally by writing down what you’re letting go of and make your own Fire Ritual to ‘bless and release it’.

Burn right to the finest ashes then release the ashes to a river or dig into the soil to complete

Fire destroys AND cleanses

Join us to meditate together on this Aries FULL MOON

2 October Full Moon Meditation - 7pm to 7.30pm

Join our free, online Full Moon Meditation to manifest your heart-felt desires this month

Please BYO Journal & pen and perhaps light a candle, place a blossom / flower by it and create your own mini-sacred space to get the most from this powerful spiritual Meditation

All welcome. Free:

Zoom ID 864 4891 9783 - open 10-15 mins early for a prompt start

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