Who is Yolanda?

Yolanda Cholmondeley-Smith is well-known as an intuitive consultant, teacher, writer and transformational guide.

A fun, practical and psychic clairvoyant and teacher, Yolanda is known for her humour and direct skill in quickly shifting people out of psychological and spiritual difficulties, and into a healthier energy flow. She is the author of many articles and e-books about intuitive awakening, personal and creative growth, and the global predictions and trends.

Yolanda insists that we all must rely on our innate sixth sense in order to make the most authentic, well-informed, healthful, and soul-satisfying decisions possible. Yolanda’s work has been published nationally and overseas for over 20 years.

Because of her unique gifts, Yolanda’s expertise is sought throughout New Zealand and internationally, helping both individuals and organizations dramatically improve their experience and abilities to perform at optimal levels through empowerment and transformation.

Yolanda attended the Royal University of Melbourne, Australia and Ardmore Teachers College, Auckland, New Zealand, and is a Oneness Partner and Trainer from the Oneness University, Southern India. She is also a practising Reiki Teacher for over 20 years.

Yolanda is an avid traveller, attending regular courses at the Oneness University in Southern India and prides herself on her passionate pursuit of learning and growing every day.

In her spare time, she loves her extended family, walking, gardening, cinema, art and design and practices meditation and hatha yoga.

Yolanda loves everything about New Zealand and was born at Whitianga on the Coromandel Peninsula.

Yolanda's readings and workshops

'You my dear, are an angel.

You have given us so much hope and new vision when we needed it most'.

James Allan, Creative Director, Artist, Auckland NZ