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Hi there!

I'm Yolanda and I've been working as a professional Intuitive, a psychic and a clairvoyant for over 20 years now!

"A fun, practical and psychic clairvoyant and teacher, Yolanda is known for her humour and direct skill in quickly shifting people out of psychological and spiritual difficulties and into a healthier energy flow"

I've been writing continuously since I first began this work 

I've been writing continuously since I first began this work to help others access their own intuition more successfully. Also to share many of the insights, often far-reaching visions I've seen. Some of them were truly amazing and beyond anything I could have imagined, others were so far in the future it was hard to see how they would benefit others. 

Initially I was very sceptical and kept audio and transcribed records of everything over the years to see if they came true or not! Most did, nearly all have or are becoming so as I write.

I've had many articles published nationally and internationally over the years, published a channeled e-book predicting global predictions and trends and spoken to many audiences on a variety of fully channeled topics. I continue to give one-on-one readings for my clients, to teach and to write a regular newsletter including monthly forecasts and online meditations

"Because of her unique gifts, Yolanda’s expertise is sought throughout New Zealand and overseas, helping both individuals dramatically improve their experience and abilities to perform at optimal levels through empowerment and transformation"

Background - Fashion

In my previous life, I went back to study textile design full-time for three years at the Royal University of Melbourne. I taught myself how to design hand-knitted garments and write patterns (no computers back then!) and became an international fashion, hand-knitwear designer and producer of high-end hand-knit wear.

I worked hard and won awards and taught Designs Workshops with Craft Australia and David Jones, designed and produced two ranges of hand-knitted garments annually for the USA market, wrote, designed and produced hand knitwear books for women, men and children, and taught Costume Design for the Theatre at James Cook University Queensland part-time.

Qualifications - Teaching

I trained at Ardmore Teachers College, Auckland, New Zealand and received a BA in Textile Design (as above), I've had 22+ years and thousands of hours Usui Reiki Teaching and recently I became an Ekam Meditation Trainer with the OO Academy, Southern India where I've been attending spiritual and meditation courses for over the last 15 years

Reiki Classes & Master/Teacher Training

I studied, practiced and ran free clinics as an Usui Reiki Master Teacher; I've been on the Reiki NZ Inc national committee twice and have taught and practiced Usui Reiki extensively for over 20 years, seeing many miracles of body and mind over the years as a direct result of my Students using their Reiki training. I teach monthly Usui Reiki Classes up to and including Reiki Master Teacher Level - Reiki Health NZ 

Ekam Meditation Circles

I love meditating!

I offer and facilitate hour-long, beautiful, weekly, online Ekam Meditation Circles every Tuesday 7.30pm - 8.30pm - they're free sacred spaces for you to connect deeply within

We have fabulous 30 minute, twice-monthly Moon Meditations to access the flow of universal energy in very practical ways! Meditating's beautiful, simple and immensely practical!

'After your Reading my life did an amazing 360 degree turn around in less than 3  months ...

I have a new home overlooking at beautiful park in an awesome suburb,
I was offered a new job out of the blue which I love and have accepted,
And I'm off to see my family overseas.

Life's totally amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Yolanda".

Rita Haagner Auckland NZ


'Everything you said in the reading you gave me is coming true!'

You are amazing! I am going to trust Spirit with all my heart. Thank you so much, Yolanda'

Anne, Hamilton NZ


'I just thought I'd let you know how spot-on you were!

I’m so delighted that you saw my new job so clearly (and the way it all unfolded!).

I just thought I'd let you know just how spot on you were'

Dianne, Wellington NZ

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