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25 & 26 NOVEMBER 2017 9.30 - 4PM

Reiki, a Japanese word pronounced 'ray-key' in the west, may be translated to mean universal life force, or universally guided energy.

Learning Reiki marks a new phase in your life

The use of Reiki energy for personal and professional stress reduction, enhancing creativity, problem-solving and therefore profitability in business, is a major contribution to the workplace.

Reiki has gained great credibility and professionalism. Its history in Japan has been researched, verified and published extensively with many books in many languages confirming the amazing, often inexplicable, results of Reiki on the human body and soul.

Experience Reiki

One of the most noticeable benefits you will experience when receiving Reiki is how quickly and easily a deep state of relaxation occurs.

You will experience a sense of calmness, contentment and peace, which deepens throughout the treatment, surrounded by a feeling of safety and professional caring.

From this place, many experience spontaneous relaxations in the form of muscle tension release, vertebrae realignment, accelerated tissue healing, scar reduction and other forms of pain relief.

Brain waves slow in Reiki treatments, offering you creative solutions and insights in to daily working and living.
Relaxation and stress reduction occur promptly, usually within minutes.
Your natural creativity and problem solving are enriched, learning and concentration enhanced and our memory retention improves.
The overall quality of your life is enhanced by an increased and realistic sense of optimism and positivity.

Receiving Reiki increases your ability to spontaneously 'let go' at all levels - physically, mentally and emotionally.

Old habits and unconscious belief systems 'die easy', forgiveness comes more readily.

Experience the peace and deep healing of Reiki for yourself

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11 ways Reiki can improve your health, wealth and relationships

  1. Experience the reduction of stress and pain in a single treatment
  2. Accelerate healing of physical tissue (body), mind (thoughts and beliefs),  heart (emotions) and spirit (alignment)
  3. Alleviate fatigue, energize mentally and physically
  4. Increase your clarity of mind, enhance your problem solving and memory retention
  5. Sustain increased feelings of self-confidence and self-esteem
  6. Ensure increased health and well-being
  7. Your intuitive skills develop faster
  8. Facilitate improved communication at all levels
  9. Increases creativity at all levels, in all professions
  10. Noticeable improvements in all relationships – partnerships, family, work and business
  11. Totally compliments, supports and enhances all orthodox and alternative medicines, therapies and practices.

‘Reiki is so much more powerful than I ever knew – it’s amazing …’

An important aspect of Reiki is the empowering of the individual

Reiki improves many aspects of your self esteem, confidence and happiness. As a result, you will find that not only is Reiki wonderful to receive, it is also wonderful to give.

Immediately you become a Reiki 1st Degree student, you are have automatic access to the Reiki energy for a lifetime ... and like a muscle, it grows stronger and more effective the more you use it.

Book your Reiki First Degree Course today

25 & 26 NOVEMBER 2017 9.30 - 4PM

Anyone can learn Reiki

Reiki is taught so all may use it for themselves. A remarkable and permanent 'tool', Reiki may be learnt in Degrees or Levels, which are usually taught over a weekend.

After Reiki 1st Degree, you will have the ability to channel Reiki instantly for a lifetime ... anything you touch will receive Reiki instantly - this includes you! 

Food, water, medicines, crystals, people, plants, animals, anything! You also learn how to give Reiki treatments to yourself, others and professionally.

Learning Reiki can turn your life around

“I want to share some of things that have happened to me since learning Reiki 1st Degree with Yolanda this year …”

(JP has a demanding, corporate job that has been emotionally and intellectually challenging)

  • “A sense of lightness and relaxation
  • Calmer within my myself and calmer with others
  • Positive about what each day holds
  • Curious about things I’ve not noticed before e.g.plants, insects, places, people)
  • Heightened sense of smell (after nasal surgery there has been no sense of smell)
  • Heightened sense of colours
  • Emotionally consistent – a lot less ‘up and down’
  • Happier about who I am and what I look like
  • Excited about the possibilities that I can be what I want to be – not what other people want me to be
  • Interested in life”.

JP Waikato Jan 2017

Book your Reiki First Degree Course today

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“I want to thank you for the Reiki you have introduced into my life ... 

Without Reiki I honestly don’t know how else I would have coped so well ...

I have used Reiki with so many aspects in my life that it was quite noticeable how effective it is. 

Please know how very valuable my Reiki is to me and I can only thank you sincerely for it.”

Angie Short Hamilton NZ

‘I loved learning Reiki. I got so much more out of it than I ever dreamed of ...

As I use my Reiki each day on myself, I’m feeling a lot happier, calmer and centered, I have a lot more physical energy, my focus has improved and I handle things at work and at home quite differently ...

I look at life through different eyes, I don’t judge as much, my health is the best it’s ever been, my physical pain levels have dropped noticeably, I’m way more happier.

I know where I have been and THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE now’.

Sharmain G. Waikato 

'I've learnt how to listen to my heart ...

I'm feeling more calm, able to be easily patient and understanding, I'm way less anxious and amazed that I can feel the Reiki energy flowing through my hands so strongly ...

Everything in my weekend learning Reiki was amazing, inviting and calm ... and all the questions I had about Reiki were answered during my training'.

Irene Nunes Alberquerque, Hamilton 2017

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'GIVING REIKI IS A WHOLE NEW EXPERIENCE FOR ME …one I am enjoying immensely' says MB, a truck driver!!

Reiki is a journey I will travel with ease, peace and relaxation. My whole happiness levels have leapt into the stratosphere since I started down the Reiki path.

I was very sceptical when I received Reiki for the first time, from my wife.

I was also very sceptical when I went to learn Reiki, but the more I received and learnt and experienced the energy, the better I felt and my sceptism has been replaced by relief and gratitude”.

MB Waikato truck driver Jan 2017

Learn Reiki - instantly relax, re-new and revitalize your physical, mental, emotional self, easily and simply

Learn REIKI with Yolanda

Fast, effective pain and stress relief, improved health, well-being & productivity, accelerated creativity, intuition and problem-solving, are just a few of the Benefits of Reiki. read more ...