Your Intuition and the Power of Colour

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Learn how to use your Intuition and the Power of Colour to ...

  • Intuitively read the Personality of Colours for yourself and others
  • See how to use specific colours to instantly energise your personal and professional success and ...
  • Learn from Yolanda's special guest speakers how to style-up your wardrobe and create your own exciting, all-year-round, Signature Fashion colours

Sat 20 January 2018    9.45am - 4pm

A unique, empowering, practical Workshop, Yolanda offers you a vibrant accumulation of 20 years of Intuitive Readings and a high-end Fashion Career, teaching you how to super-charge your intuition and use it to amp-up your business success and take charge of a healthy, vibrant, inspired, colour-filled life, for yourself and others. 

Learn how to use Colour to energize and optimize your ….

  • Your physical health, your vitality, optimism and confidence
  • Significantly influence how others perceive you and how you want to be perceived - at work and in life 
  • Energize and increase your happiness and success at home, work and in your property 
  • Create your own stylish, personal, fashion wardrobe - simply and cost-effectively

plus ... 

  • Learn how to use your own intuition to read the Power of Colours for yourself and others

“Yolanda doesn’t mess around in her Workshops – she’s totally focused on giving you a quality experience that will change the way you live and work ... her courses are always action-packed, informative and fun …

She teaches you what she has learned, practiced and used herself, so you know you’re getting what really works ...”

Book Your Colour and Intuition Workshop today

Yolanda’s Fashion, Design and Intuition background makes this a unique and beautiful Workshop ...

Yolanda brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to you – from her high-profile, Fashion Knitwear Designer background and twenty years of working with her Psychic and Intuitive skills in reading Colours and their energy.

For the first time, Yolanda is now passing on over 40 years of expertise in the energy and power of Colour so you can learn how to do what she does, easily.

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This workshop is designed to make using your Intuition easy and successful

Yolanda is a trained teacher and every workshop is structured to give you a step-by-step, beautiful experience ...

Learning to grow your intuition and have an empowered relationship with the importance of Colour and Your Intuition in your everyday life, work and business and relationships is fun, easy and a super-empowering experience for you.

"Yolanda's here to support you moving into more happiness, confidence, creativity and value in your life ... her direct style of communicating, gives you a top-quality experience to take home, love and work with successfully for years" 


Sat 20 January 2018 - 9.45am to 4.30pm

NB: 9.45am registration for a 10am start 


The Chapel at the beautiful Houchens Retreat Centre, 83 Houchens Road, Glenview, Hamilton NZ


$225 (early-bird fee $195 closing 11 January 2018)


Rug or throw, yoga mat, socks for inside if chilly, notebook and pen, snacks for break-time and your personal water bottle.

Yolanda may send you some extra suggestions to bring for this beautiful Workshop – just watch your email in-box, ‘just in case’.

Book Your Colour and Intuition Workshop today

Let’s LUNCH together

I've booked a table for a coffee or bite for us at the ever-popular Mavis at WinTec Cafe (cnr Nesbit and Anglesea Sts, CBD Hamilton). It has a good choice of snacks, treats and healthy meals.

Let me know if you'd like to join us on M: 0272 349 560 or email me.

PS: Weather permitting, you are welcome to walk the outdoor Labyrinth at Houchens Retreat Centre . If it’s wet, feel free to BYO brolly and rain coat.