Meditations for Your Intuition, your Heart and Soul - Workshop

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In this Workshop you will learn beautiful, varied Meditations to ...

  • Get in touch with your intuition ... accurately, clearly and confidently  
  • Improve your stress-levels, health, vitality and peace of mind … in a few minutes a day 
  • Experience the step-by-step technique to use the powers of your mind and senses to create a life you love and value

“Yolanda doesn’t mess around in her Workshops – she’s totally focused on giving you a quality experience that will change the way you live and work ... her courses are always action-packed, informative and fun …

She teaches you she has practiced and used herself, so you know you’re getting what really works ...”

Learn beautiful, powerful, new and ancient Meditations to …

• Enrich your life, loves and relationships 
• Empower your Intuition and creative skills 
• Improve your energy, confidence and performance at work 
• Reduce stress, gain health and love your life again

If your heart and soul aren’t happy, then usually your relationships, health, finances and work aren't, either

Take home easy and effective practices that will ...

• Improve the quality of your life and reduce all forms of stress 
• Increase your peace of mind and improve your relationships 
• Enhance your mental clarity, focus and perspective 
• Balance your physical health, weight and energy 
• Enrich your creativity, intuition and your ability to solve problems effectively

"Yolanda's here to support you moving into more happiness, confidence, creativity and value in your life ... her direct style of communicating, gives you a top-quality experience to take home, love and work with successfully for years" 

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Sat 1 July 2017   10am to 1pm  

9.45am registration for 10am start


Houchens Retreat Centre, 83 Glenview Road, Glenview, Hamilton NZ



Online banking - BNZ 02-0496-0064154-00 Y Cholmondeley-Smith (Yolanda sends you a full receipt)

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Rug or throw, yoga mat, socks for inside, notebook and pen, your personal water bottle.
This workshop will focus on 'chair meditating' - if you prefer to sit on the floor to meditate, please byo comfy seating, etc.

LUNCH afterwards, anyone?

Great cafes are close by and I've booked a table for a coffee or bite for us afterwards at the popular Hayes Common Cafe.

Let me know if you'd like to join us on M: 0272 349 560 or email me.

Weather permitting, you are welcome to walk the Labyrinth. If it’s wet, feel free to BYO brolly and rain coat. 

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