True stories from my clients ... your Intuition works!

Wendy’s intuition saved her money ...

‘When I was married, my husband and I were out clothes shopping. He had dropped me off and I was getting a head start on the shopping. Some time later, I turned to my husband and said - "the parking meter!" Then I got into self doubt as I hadn't even been anywhere near our vehicle when it was parked as I had been dropped off and my husband had parked it and caught up with me. I then said things like "why am I saying that, what do I know". My husband said ‘trust it’ and ran out of the shop. When he came back to the shop, a bit puffed, he said he got there just as the parking meter attendant was just looking at our vehicle, so he was able to put money in the meter and therefore avoid a fine."

Wendy Greaves New Zealand

Aaron’s intuition connects him to others

“Something of yours that has really inspired me (besides the life-changing reading) was reading your biography. Hearing that you believed intuition is something that you can develop throughout your life is something that I also know- but to hear it so clearly articulated was very liberating

I would like to give you some examples along these lines from my life in the past few years. When I am practicing violin, or am just at a place where I am very aware of how connected my thinking and feelings are, I have been seeing that the thoughts I connect to are not just stemming from my thought sphere, but are very influenced by the people whom I am connected with. In fact, whenever I catch myself feeling uncomfortable about something, I immediately surrender, only to see how that feeling is connected to the thought field of those around me and has absolutely nothing to do with me.

Its gotten to a point where I will feel when my dad is coming upstairs by the thought patterns that I recognize as characteristic to him. Or when driving down the road, I will have specific feeling / thoughts in the same place every time I go by there. When I am at those places and having those feelings, if I remember to surrender, I will realize I have that same thought every time I pass by there. This is a liberating thing because I don't feel so attached to those feelings anymore - because I know they are not mine - but are reflections of the energy in those places.

Also connected to this idea of the causal (this is the term Yogananda uses for the realm of thought) realm, is feeling. I am starting to be able to feel where people’s energy is focused in a very physical way. If they are living from their heart, I can feel (tangibly) their heart radiating. If they are unhappy with having to do something that they have been forced to do, I feel an energy sweat in their solar plexus. If they are afraid, I feel their fear in my feet, and so on… I know there is really something to an awareness of how one feels when helping other people. In fact, I know that is the key to understanding yourself and helping others.

This past year while sitting outside at my school by myself on a clear day, I was wanting to close my eyes and go inward but my ego self was a little apprehensive, and wanting to look around to see who is coming and may see me. When thinking this I had the idea "Aaron, you are intuitive and you will actually flow much better with the energy of passers-by if you are centred in how you are feeling, not what you are thinking." So I closed my eyes and felt. I went from thinking to feeling. I could feel people coming here and there, but in a much different way. There was much more connecting with how they really felt, with what their real intentions were, which were so different than what I thought they were.

This point takes me to something that has honestly taken me aback in this process of observing and learning to connect with how people are really feeling inside. I used to think I knew how other people felt based on how I perceived myself but now I feel how they feel, and boy is it different that what I thought it was! The cool thing is that reality is always different than what the mind thinks it to be, so there is of course awe and discovery in observing the simplest things”

Aaron La Vallee Winston-Salem NC USA

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