Test Your Intuition


Take this 5 minute test and assess your Intuitive abilities

The following list of 20 questions below, may be answered yes or no by placing a tick or cross at the end of each question.

Answer the questions quickly, trusting your first impression.

  1. Have you been told that you are accurate when making a first impression?
  1. Do you believe symbols are given to you through guidance in your everyday life?
  1. When you have hunch, does it turn out to be true more often than not?
  1. Are you able to imagine things easily?
  1. Are you able to anticipate what will happen next when you are watching a movie or television?
  1. Are you able to guess the right level to hang a picture without measuring?
  1. Can you take a whole scene in quickly and remember details?
  1. Do you see pictures in clouds?
  1. Are you a day dreamer?
  1. Can you fantasize easily about your future?
  1. Are you a good detective?
  1. Do you like to solve puzzles?
  1. Have you ever had a psychic experience that was accurate?
  1. Have you ever thought of a friend or relative then had them call?
  1. Are you able to solve problems by knowing the best way to proceed without thinking about it?
  1. If you discovered a new way to solve world hunger would you know how to apply this information to the problem?
  1. If you were asked to imagine pictures on a blank piece of paper, could you?
  1. Are you able to quickly identify objects if they instantaneously flash before you?
  1. Do you know how much time has passed without looking at a clock?
  1. If you come in late to a movie are you able to figure out what the movie is about?

This questionnaire was created based upon research into people's ability to have intuitive information come to them.

In this questionnaire, several parts of the brain are addressed within the questions

  • Some people are highly analytical and technical while others are creative and artistic.
  • Most people have a balance between their right and left-brain hemispheres. 
  • The normal or average person uses both parts of their brain equally.
  • Others have a highly developed left side which contains their reasoning and analytical abilities ... artists, visionaries and spiritual leaders tend to have a stronger capacity to use their right brain than the average person.

The purpose of awakening the intuitive within is to help support individuals to develop their right brains while using their left-brains to balance and communicate the intuitive perception.

This inventory was designed as an assessment of your probable ability to access your intuition. Intuition is a skill that can be developed through practice. 

'We are all intuitive. As with any skill, the more we use it, the more proficient we become' (Yolanda).


  • Count the number of ticks or crosses that you have answered in the questionnaire
  • Put that number here …………………

If your score was between 16 - 20 ticks

You are well on the way in developing your intuitive psychic ability.

You probably could provide intuitive answers to other peoples’ questions today.

With practice, you could become a highly developed intuitive.

You are probably a very creative person and access the right side of your brain for problem solving skills.

You may even seem to get answers “out of the air”.

If your score was between 11 – 15 ticks 

You are probably a person who uses the right side of their brain to solve problems more often than the average person.

Those close to you probably notice your intuitive perceptions.

You will increase your intuitive ability and become stronger, clearer and more focused as you practice every day.

Was your score between 5 – 10 ticks?

You fall within the range of the majority of people in using your intuition.

You may want to begin a development program which when practiced daily will improve your intuitive skills and perception.

Was your score between 0 – 5 ticks?

You are probably more mechanical, technical or scientifically based than most people.

You use the left side of your brain to solve problems more often than not.

You probably find it difficult to use your imagination.

To develop your intuitive skills and become more feeling-based will take commitment and intention on your part.

You have the ability to do this with your highly developed left brain.

It will take daily practice.

©copyright Jo Anne C. Anton, Ph.D 2005

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