Your inner and outer Sacred Spaces

'There is nothing you can do to make intuition happen, but there is much that you can do to allow it to happen. Be gentle. There is no need to force anything'

Everything in the word is energy including the thoughts you think, the emotions you feel, the words you say, the actions you take, even your dreams, prayers and meditations. The more you repeat any loving, compassionate, positive thoughts, emotions, words, actions, prayers or meditation inwardly and outwardly in the same space, the more you uplift and enhance the energy of that place.

Creating an inner and outer sacred space means allocating a part of both your daily life to creating an ‘energy zone or vortex’ which empowers and enhances every experience or exercise you have, which extends into daily life. For many it is also the place to connect more deeply with the divine in whatever form or persona means most to you.

Your outer sacred space

Your outer sacred space may be a whole room, a seat or corner in a room, even somewhere outside in nature. You may have a sacred space in a tree-house, a cave, a living room, kitchen or bedroom, even a special corner somewhere. Wherever it is, it is sacred because it is your space and filled with your energy.

The more you pray, meditate, contemplate, reflect, write or create in that special, small or large space, the more the energy builds up there. The building-up of energy enhances and empowers anything you do there thus creating an energy vortex which is often tangibly felt.

Sri Ramana Maharishi’s Ashram in southern India is a profoundly deep space of silent peace which may also be experienced physically and deeply within. The energy vortex of this (and many other sacred holy places) may be felt or experienced long before the location is geographically reached.

Keep your sacred space clean, tidy and attractive. Remove clutter and add simple beauty. These actions not only are a part of preparation for accessing your ‘inner sacred space’, the results also enhance your happiness when there.

'Intuitions come out of the silent mind; imagination is conceptual. There’s a vast difference. That’s why the development of intuition does not come from thinking about things, it comes from the development of a silence of mind in which a clear vision, a clear seeing, can happen.

The whole progress of insight, the whole development of understanding, comes at times when the mind is quiet.'
Joseph Goldstein Insight Meditation Teacher

Create your outer sacred space

To create your own sacred space or special environment, build up the energy by

  • Using the same space, seat, chair or cushion
  • Create an alter adding objects meaningful to you, such as candles, pictures, natural objects, flowers, a statue or religious image or photograph, music, anything which has  personal significance and makes it special and beautiful for you
  • Have your journal & pen, artwork or music within easy reach.

Enhance your outer sacred space positively through using it regularly. This will build positive energy enhancing your inner stillness and awareness with

  • repeated meditation, contemplation, creative and/or automatic writing, prayer,
  • your intuitive practices, sending healing and loving thoughts
  • Reiki Second Degree students may bless with symbols
  • Oneness Blessing facilitators may give intent Blessings here

Your inner sacred space

To create your inner sacred space moving towards calmness, stillness and peace of mind prepare yourself in some or all of the following ways

  • Play contemplative music in the background (not if distracting)
  • Prepare and slow down the physical / mental bodies through ki or chi exercises such as Tai Chi, Qigong Reiki, Hatha yoga , etc
  • Reiki Second Degree students may send absent/distant healing to themselves
  • Oneness Blessing facilitators send intent Blessings to themselves
  • Meditate, yogic breathing, breath awareness, energy balancing exercises
  • Visualize your energy bubble of light all around, above and below you in colors of your choice
  • Invoke or pray to the Divine form of your choice using your prepared Invocation

Begin whichever of your exercises you wish to do, slowly, calmly, happily 
Focus with gentle awareness continually returning your full awareness to the exercise of your choice

'The regular practice of meditation is the single most powerful means of increasing intuition ……….once you have decided that that clear intuition is a valuable asset in your life, you will want to continue to sharpen and expand your awareness of it. The silent mind, cultivated so many different forms of meditation, is the matrix of intuition. When you are in touch with the still point at the centre of your being, there is no need to use imagery or verbal exercises to activate intuition. It flows by itself………….'
Frances E. Vaughan

An easy simple meditation practice for you

Meditation techniques are many and varied. If you do not have your own current meditation practice, breathe awareness meditation is a great and simple place to begin your daily practice

  1. Sit comfortably with your legs crossed or feet flat on the floor and back straight but not rigid
  2. To avoid outer distractions, turn off the phone, hang up a ‘do not disturb’ sign, other
  3. Place your thumb and index fingers together (mudra) on top of your legs with palms upright
  4. Close your eyes gently
  5. Breathe in to the count of 2, 3, 4 or more and followed by breathing out to the count of twice whatever you breathe in e.g. breathe in to the count of 3 and out to the count of 6 OR breathe in to the count of 2 or 4 and out to the count of 6 etc
  6. Find your own pace and rhythm and focus on the breathe gently entering and leaving your body
  7. This breathe awareness practice is one of many so as you settle into this  practice, always gently and consistently return your awareness to your breath whenever the mind wanders
  8. Even if the mind is very active, continue your practice and it will settle and calm gradually
  9. Regular practice of this technique increases your ability to focus and concentrate without effort (but with attention)
  10. No two meditative techniques or even daily practices are ever the same so gently persist for great benefits
  11. For beginners, once or twice daily is recommended for short times such as 5-10 minutes
  12. Increase your meditation times as you feel drawn to once to twice daily
  13. Enjoy!


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