Psychometry is the intuitive ability to get information about the owner of an object by either holding it in your hand or (advanced practice) by connecting through intent and visualization.

Psychometry as a term was coined by Joseph R. Buchanan in 1842 from the Greek words psyche meaning "soul," and metron meaning "measure." It was first used in the mid-1800s by Joseph R. Buchanan, who as an American physiologist claimed psychometry could be used to measure the "soul" of all things. He realized that objects such as a photograph or any object that the person has owned, such as a hairbrush or a glove, can be used in psychometry.

Information about an object's owner, variously called vibrations or energy, can be picked up by those people trained to use their intuitive awareness in this way.

How does psychometry work?

All life forms including our bodies are composed of energy fields. Whenever we repeatedly use an object that object ‘holds’ the memory and/or history of those experiences. These energetic imprints or memories can carry any type of information, a location, a feeling, a favorite pastime, a memory, a color, sound, emotions, even experiences. The best information will come from an object which is worn or used frequently such as a watch, ring or jewellery, a child’s favorite toy or cuddly rug.

More than one person may have been associated regularly with an object. Thus its psychometric history may reveal things that are not related to a single owner. For example, if an object has been passed down through a family it will contain information about many of its previous owners. The amount of the information accessible will depend on how much the owner(s) has used the object and the intuitive sensitivity of the ‘reader’.

  • Psychometry trains you to listen to your intuitive self via increased awareness of the senses of images, words, sounds, emotions and physical sensations
  • Psychometry is a good starting place for developing intuitive skills because the information received can be validated objectively by client feedback
  • A physical object helps as it is an easier means to connect you to your inner stillness and intuition
  • Each person ‘reading’ an object will obtain either similar or different results depending on their own intuitive style and practice at the time

How can psychometry help me and others?

Anyone can learn psychometry with no expense whatsoever and become very proficient with practice and client feedback. It is wonderful, easy training when developing your own intuitive abilities.

Practicing psychometry skillfully can be very helpful with finding lost articles and valuables, including locating pets and even people. It is also a fun activity to read objects for entertainment. 

Once you gain and maintain accuracy, you may choose to specialize in helping others personally and professionally. Experiencing the gratitude of someone who has lost or misplaced a valuable piece of family jewellery or a much loved pet affirms to you how much your service is appreciated and valued.

Begin simply

Begin your practice with inanimate objects such as rings, watches and crystals. The more frequently these objects have been worn or used by the same owner, the more the owner’s energy is imbued in the object thus making it easier for you to read and practice with.

We each receive information uniquely

It is not important in the early stages of learning psychometry to mentally understand where, why or how the information comes. This will quickly stop the flow and being in the flow of information with ease is important.

How you receive information intuitively is a reflection on how you experience everything

If you are a visual person you will probably find images come to you more easily or if you love and respond to music you may find sounds, comments or other forms of communication come easily. Expect that you will feel emotions related to the object or its wearer(s) / owners and gain intuitive information in a variety of ways.

Every person is unique and experiences their intuitive abilities and development differently to others. Allow this to just ‘be’ and enjoy learning and practicing.

Develop your psychometric skills

In all intuitive work there are some simple and valuable life-style options which greatly influence the quality and accuracy of your intuitive ability

  • Physical health
  • Emotional health
  • Mental health
  • Spiritual health - your relationship with the Universal Intelligence (e.g. Source, Presence, God, Buddha, Our Lady etc)
  • Your intentions when offering your intuitive service
  • Professional conduct

Prepare yourself first

There are many ways to prepare yourself and you will find and use those which work best for you over time. 

Create a calm, calm, non-disturbed environment  for yourself e.g. turn off all phones, put up ‘do not disturb’ notices and/or shut doors etc

Sit in your Sacred Space

Calm and quieten your body and mind. You could use simple hatha yoga or tai chi exercises, reiki self treatments or self distant healing techniques, breath awareness or your own meditation practice

Strengthen and contain your own energy fields. You may visualize yourself within a golden ball of energy and see every cell in your body filled with golden energy OR spray your auric field with aura soma or aromatherapy essences OR use reiki symbols OR another practice that works well for you OR all of these

Invoke The Divine in whatever way is personal and appropriate to you. You may have a spiritual teacher, OR connect to the angelic realms or specific angels OR ask your guides and ancestors or all who love you and want only the highest and best for you OR simply put out the same intention strongly to ‘the universe’


  • Hold the object you wish to connect with in the palms of your hands or by touching with both hands if larger (advanced psychometry practitioners need only to think of the object)
  • Talk to the object as though it had a personality (the object holds history, memory and is energy) and ask it to share with you all about itself. Some objects are real ‘chatter boxes’ and love to communicate, others may be shy and slow to start!
  • Record all impressions even if you are unsure or feel it is “only you talking”. You may choose to write your impressions with one hand OR record on tape or digitally, some people transcribe later
  • Continue to develop your relationship with the object you are touching and/or connecting with as a ‘happy and non-judgmental listener’

Disconnect and complete - fully

  • When you feel there is nothing else to know at this time, thank the object sincerely, send it your appreciation (a hug, hold it to your heart chakra or a personal emotive acknowledgement) and either return it to its owner or place it in your sacred space gently
  • Disconnecting energetically to fully complete the psychometry cycle is important in all intuitive experiences. You can do this by washing and drying your hands thoroughly.


It is a lovely practice to thank the Universal Intelligence on completion of every session whether practicing or professional. Do this in your own personal way.

We are all intuitive beings. We all have access to using and growing our intuition. It is beautiful to accept that our intuition is a human and valued part of our divine nature to nurture and experience with deep gratitude and enjoyment whenever possible.

Have fun, keeping practicing and enjoy!

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