Awaken Your Intuition

The word intuition comes from Latin in-tuire, which can be translated as contemplating, looking, regarding or knowing from within.


You are born with Intuition - it is a natural part of You

Intuition is potentially available to everyone. Some people choose to develop it, some do not. Like a muscle with which we have been born, our intuition will grow with conscious use and experience and lies inert if left latent.

Intuition adds value and meaning to your life

Learning to use your intuition adds value, meaning and quality to your life. It is an adventure within which expands your conscious awareness. 
To use your intuition increases your understanding and experience of the wonder and miracle of your life and the world we live in.

“Experiences which are commonly called intuitive also include discovery and invention in science, inspiration in art, creative problem solving, perceptions of patterns and possibilities, clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition, retro cognition or déjà vu, feelings of attraction and aversion, picking up ‘vibes’, knowing or perceiving through the body rather than the rational mind, hunches and premonitions…………”

Your Intuition is a valuable asset in your daily life and work

The real pathway to accessing your intuition is to listen and trust your own inner guidance as truth, to discern the difference between your true intuitive knowing and your mind chattering. And that is quite easy and straight-forward. 

Using your intuition daily empowers you, increases your happiness and confidence. It gives you more energy, trust and faith in yourself. Your creativity and imagination expand and improve, as does your ability to solve problems in life and business.

“Intuition allows you to see and sense possibilities that are inherent in a situation but have not yet been realized… it opens the way to inner freedom which can then be expressed in personal choices and decisive action…”

Be true to yourself

We want to find our way to our own truth. Unknowingly, we have acquiesced to being manipulated and controlled by other’s perceptions of the world, not ours. It is necessary and empowering to identify our own truth rather than become de-sensitised or disempowered by others.

“Intuition becomes real and works for you when you are consciously aware of it… when it remains unconscious, it functions at the level of instinct. As you become more conscious you become more capable of tuning into it, acting on it and it becomes an effective factor in your life...”

You are using your intuition already

Your intuition has been given to you, it is part of you. Many of you are using your intuition already and have not aware of it. Symbolically, it is as though you have been sleeping for a long time and now you are ready to wake up.

“As a way of knowing, intuition is experiential and holistic. When one knows something intuitively, one knows for sure, although one may not be able to explain or rationalize the feeling of certainty……………Intuition is true in the same way that any sensation is true; it is your experience and you know it for what it is. When given attention, intuition can become increasingly clear and useful…..”

Trust your Intuition ... it arises in many ways, big and small to help

All journeys begin with a small first step, with a desire and a curiosity to discover and experience reality differently. To awaken your intuition and inner guidance will enhance and enrich your life. Trust, discernment and optimism naturally increase as does your confidence with your answers within.

“If one chooses to pay attention to intuition, one can certainly expand awareness of it… although one cannot make intuition happen, there is much one can do to allow it to happen. Given this paradox it is a good idea to check your beliefs and attitudes around the subject….to treat yourself with kindness and respect, to be open, increase your awareness and learn varied approaches………”

Everyone has their own 'intuitive style'

There are as many ways of using your intuition as there are people. Each person has their own unique style or ‘signature’ when using their intuition. It is a wonderful journey to begin and I truly believe it does eventually become the ‘doorway to the divine’.

“The authentic pathway is without judgment, criticism, competition or force, thus honouring and valuing your own individuality and integrity…”

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