Business and Career Readings

Accurate, detailed, clairvoyant readings to navigate your business decisions with clarity and confidence

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Do you want to enjoy your work, plan for the future, be clear and focused, expanded and more confident?

If your business or career is an important part of your life ...

  • Do you want to get more fulfilment and achievement out of what you are doing?
  • Do you want to expand your business, plan your future career, make more money, or find your market niche?
  • Are you looking for new and profitable directions in which to take your business or career?
  • Do you want to know if your investments of time, energy and money will 'pay off', and when?

As an intuitive business consultant or 'reader', I work closely with clients who face both challenges and opportunities, and use my intuition to help them successfully navigate their choices.

Always I’m using my intuitive insight to get to the core issues of your career and business ... and resolve them with clarity and perspective.

I can help you and/or your company achieve success by enabling you to…

  • Make decisions with confidence
  • Achieve your goals more quickly
  • Gain insight into what motivates people
  • Act with better timing
  • Better understand market trends

A business intuitive session with me can provide…

  • Clarity about your vision, plans and next steps
  • Creative marketing ideas for your department, product, service or company
  • Insight about partnerships, peers, employees or potential hires
  • An intuitive sounding board.

Let's work together!

My purpose is to help you reach your goals quickly and efficiently. I don’t want or require detailed information about the issues.

I work much more effectively when you have clarity about what you want to achieve and create for yourself and/or your company. It’s to your advantage to have a list of questions or issues that you want me to address.

My Business Readings frequently produce quick results as I can get to the heart of an issue without a lot of research.

I have the ability to describe the psychological make-up of people — a skill that will assist you in making hiring decisions and improving team communication and effectiveness.

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Fully comprehensive and detailed, your Business / Career Reading is an intuitive, intelligent, comprehensive and valuable investment to moving forward with optimum success and positive outcomes.

$395:00 per 1 x hr session

Other Options are -

A monthly retainer
A project fee to work with you and your staff on a specific issue

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Business Readings are fully detailed, focused, accurate strategies for Business owners and Career Professionals. Intuitive consultations are an invaluable investment in maximizing your success ' ...

Business and Career Readings

Whether by phone, Skype or in-person, Business Readings are fully detailed, proven, accurate strategies for Business owners and Career Professionals. Maximize your success, avoid obstacles & overcome challenges, enhance your business productivity and profits, enrich your professional relationships and more - READ ALL ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS OR CAREER READING HERE THEN BOOK ONLINE

Focusing exclusively on your Business/Career Only

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Your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Yolanda stands behind her promise of accurate, useful and empowering readings; her reputation rests on this.

Privacy Policy - your confidentiality and privacy are totally respected 

Yolanda has many well-known national and international clients. She takes her client’s confidentiality and right to privacy and non-judgement extremely seriously.

This is an extension of her professional and personal values and ethics and is extended to every one of her clients.

Business and Career readings 

An invaluable investment in planning your career path and business

'You were right on the money!

'When I was in the process of selling my business, your reading described not only the nature of the people that would ultimately buy my business, but you also predicated the time frame, the stress levels I would experience, and also you were pretty darn close on the price I'd receive too…'

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'My reading was an absolute ‘turning point’ for my business ...









Relevant, forthright information on how to take affirmative action has been gifted. 

Thank you so much, Yolanda'.

Julia Charity CEO Look After Me 

NZ's Premium Homestay Network

'Yolanda, your insights are hugely valuable and right on the mark.











'Yolanda, your insights are hugely valuable and right on the mark.

As a professional business woman, being able to access to such practical, relevant and valuable information in such a professional and speedy way is extremely useful. 

Your services have certainly enhanced my decision-making resources!’

Hannah Samuel - Founder Captive Audience NZ


'Thank you so much for your good wishes and for your support of my brand…'

You are right on the money as usual. I am off to meet with [company name] in Melbourne next week as you so accurately predicted!!!

Thank you so much for your good wishes, and for your support of my brand, Yolanda'.

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