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Your Gold Personal Reading

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Clarity, information, perspective, inspiration

Your Gold personal reading can be likened to a comprehensive view of what's going on around you at the time of your reading. It covers all aspects of who you are, where you are now and how you can create a great life for yourself.

Yolanda's clients say 'amazing'...

Comprehensive, far-reaching, detailed, accurate, (often humourous) Yolanda's clients frequently say 'That's amazing' when they've had their Gold Clairvoyant reading with her.

Great value, every Gold psychic reading covers at least 12 - 24 months

Every Gold psychic reading lasts around an hour and is focused on giving you as much value, information, accuracy and inspiration as possible to take away with you and work with for at least the next 12 to 24 months (often further).

Yolanda is focused on giving you the BEST!

Yolanda is focused on using her intuitive abilities to give you the BEST clairvoyant reading ... so you can move forward with more happiness, and success in your life, work and relationships. 

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Here's all the areas Yolanda covers for you in your Gold psychic reading

  1. Channelling ... Yolanda ‘looks’ at the 'big picture' and what's a priority right now (quite often many of your unspoken questions are answered here)
  2. The energy of your Names … each of your names holds information about you that contributes towards your highest potential and helps fulfil your destiny (very good for student’s career assessments; also character readings for current/future employees)
  3. Your Numbers … Yolanda reads the auspicious energy of your numbers for clarity and positive information on how to move ahead with fun, beauty and optimism
  4. Your Past Lives are invited in to help complete and contribute to your success in this next phase of your life
  5. Yolanda reads your energy bodies & chakras … important for your health, happiness, moving forward and overcoming obstacles
  6. Your home and property … did you know your property and land can help you or hold you back? Check when and how to sell or buy, relocate or wait for better outcomes
  7. Mediumship (optional only) … Yolanda can easily ‘check-in’ your loved ones to see how they are and if they would like to share anything with you to help you
  8. Plus .... All your questions are all answered clearly, one by one

'Yolanda’s readings are generous, detailed, accurate and ‘right on the money’.

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You can receive your fully-recorded Reading by dropbox OR ... on a CD posted to your mailing address in NZ or overseas.

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Yolanda emails you Guidelines for working with your reading, so you get the most from it over the coming months and years.

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