Ekam Meditation Circles

Beautiful spiritual consciousness-raising meditations for everyday people to overcome challenges and love their lives, relationships and work effortlessly. Move out of stress, agitation, worry ...

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Ekam Meditation Circles - online

Every Tuesday 8pm to 9pm with Yolanda

Zoom Meeting 831 2467 7149

Beautiful, consciousness-raising (non-denominational), nurturing, sacred spaces for everyday people to overcome challenges and love their lives, relationships and work success more effortlessly

Move out of stress, agitation, worry and anxiety into beautiful states of calm and connection quickly and easily

Experience deep healing of your body, mind, spirit and heart every week

And flow through a gentle sequence of wisdom, meditation, chanting, prayer and blessings every week - Ekam Meditation Circles are spaces for your personal/ private spiritual growth and happiness to grow and deepen

The 8 weekly cycle has a different gift every week

  • For the Removal of Obstacles          
  • For Health & Vitality
  • For Love in the Family                   
  • For Prosperity                                 
  • For Stress Release                          
  • For Passion at Work                       
  • For Intelligence, Learning & Education                         
  • For Releasing the Departed      

These Circles happen simultaneously in over 40 countries around the world each week

Thousands of people are experiencing the weekly Ekam Meditation Circle around the world, creating a powerful morphogenic field of energy which activates deep insights, healings and break-throughs in your relationships, work, health and prosperity

Try an 8 week cycle and gift yourself deep calm, increased presence and break-through's in all your relationships, plus much more!


PRIVATE GROUPS - facilitated on zoom just for you

Would you like to offer an Ekam Circle of your own - for a group of your friends, family and/or work team?

I'd love to facilitate this online opportunity of a full 8 Week Cycle (as above) for you all as an individual group. Simply give me a call or email asap and we'll put it into place!

You can contact me here


Every Tuesday  8pm to 9.10pm (waiting room open from 7.45pm) NZ time

Zoom Meeting ID: 831 2467 7149

'What’s happening at Ekam is the Future of Spirituality'


Experience healing of your body, mind and heart