Colour, Intuition and Aura Readings - New, fun,  fabulous! Learn heaps

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Colour, Intuition & Aura Readings

A fun & fabulous class to access your Intuition accurately and use Colour to impact your -

  • health and well-being 

  • happiness and all relationships at work and home

  • abundance, confidence and creativity  

  • positively influence your business outcomes & success

  • energize & uplift you - physically and emotionally

Energise, inspire, enhance your life and business success

In this workshop, Yolanda will be giving you direct, effective practices and knowledge to confidently connect with and deepen your own intuition AND have heaps of fun using the energy of Colour for unexpected success!

This workshop is suitable for both beginner's and those who use their intuition frequently 

Empower and strengthen your intuition

  • Learn the 3 essential steps to listen to your Intuition
  • Learn how to access your Intuition consciously
  • Learn how to make Intuitive choices to influence outcomes in your relationships, health, happiness and business
  • Receive simple practices and meditations that work to create an ocean of calm ... the source of all wisdom, creativity and Intuition

Use Colour for your success, health and happiness

  • Understand the psychology behind all Colours and how to consciously enhance personal & professional outcomes and business success
  • Learn how to use Colour to influence yourself and others
  • Understand which Colours create specific moods and emotions and how to use them
  • Understand Colour frequencies, tones and values and how they impact you unconsciously
  • See how easy it is to Colour-Up your health, moods, relationships and life by intuitively and knowingly working with Colour
  • Learn about the Colours of each of your major Chakras and receive an ancient meditation to balance and energise them every day


  • Your Aura is a reflection of the energy surrounding you ... it tells you what's going on in your life, how healthy, happy, balanced or imbalanced you and/or your life is
  • When your Aura has certain colours dominating or missing, it indicates imbalance and disharmony in your energy fields
  • An Aura Reading tells you what colours are strongest in your auric field and why they are dominant at this stage in your life. As each colour is read and intuitively explained, the added clarity and perspective will maximize your relationships, work success, health and happiness

PS: The first 3 people to book get free Aura Readings on the day!

NB: Private Aura Readings last approx 20-30 mins and cost $125

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Colour, Intuition and Aura Readings


Sat 6 June 2020  1.30pm - 3pm


Zoom live, online in the privacy of your own home - see Zoom guide below


  • Your (new) Intuition Journal & pen
  • Water & tissues - just in case!
  • Be alone and undisturbed throughout your class
  • All phones switched off for the class - (important) thank you
  • MIni-break halfway through!


$125: early-bird fee $75 (ends 24 May)

Max 8 people per class

Book Your Colour and Intuition Workshop today

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Now, jump online and have a beautiful time with us on 6 June  at 1.20pm for a 1.30pm start!                            

New, fun, fabulous! 6 June 1.30pm