Business Readings are comprehensive, focused, accurate strategies for Business owners and Career Professionals ... 'Yolanda's Readings are an invaluable investment in maximizing your success'

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Business Readings: accurate, intuitive consultations to navigate your business and career decisions with clarity and confidence

Do you want to enjoy your work, plan for the future, eliminate indecision and costly mistakes, be clear, focused and more confident?

If your business or career is an important part of your life ...

  • Do you want to get more fulfillment and achievement from what you are doing?
  • Do you want to expand your business, plan your future, make more money or find your market niche?
  • Are you looking for new and profitable directions in which to take your business or career?
  • Do you want to know if your investments of time, energy and money will 'pay off', and when?

As an intuitive business consultant or 'reader', I work closely with clients who face both challenges and opportunities, and use my intuition to help them successfully navigate their choices.

Always I’m using my intuitive experience, skills and insight to get to the core issues of your career and business.

I can help you and your business achieve success by enabling you to…

  • Make decisions with confidence
  • Achieve your goals more quickly
  • Gain insight into what motivates people
  • Act with optimum timing
  • Better understand and predict market trends

A career or business reading with me can provide…

  • Clarity about your vision, plans and next steps
  • Creative marketing ideas for your department, product, service or company
  • Insight about partnerships, peers, employees or potential hires
  • An intuitive sounding board

Would you like to work together?

My purpose is to help you reach your goals quickly and efficiently. I don’t want or require detailed information about the issues.

My Readings frequently produces quick results as I can energetically 'see' the heart of an issue without research. I have the ability to describe the psychological make-up of people — a skill that will assist you in making hiring decisions and improving team communication and effectiveness.

It’s to your advantage to have a list of questions or issues that you want me to address - the way I work, the answers to the questions you have will only bring you more detailed and specific clarity and solutions.

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Fully comprehensive and detailed, your Business / Career Reading is an intuitive, intelligent, comprehensive and valuable investment to moving forward with optimum success and positive outcomes.

$395:00 per 1 x hr session

Great value, every reading covers at least 6 - 18+ months

Your initial Business / Career Reading lasts approximately an hour and is focused on giving you as much value, information, accuracy and inspiration as possible to take away with you and work with for at least the next 6 - 18+ months (often further).

Yolanda is focused on giving you the BEST!

'Yolanda’s readings are generous, detailed, accurate and ‘right on the money’.

How would you like to have your reading?

  • In-person 
  • Facebook Messenger
  • A reliable Skype connection?

No matter how or where you have your reading, it's always the same, identical quality and your confidentiality is honored and gauranteed

Every reading is fully recorded and forwarded immediately by Dropbox, mail or courier directly to you.

Full session 1+ hours $395 / Christmas gift offer $295 

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Business Readings are comprehensive, focused, accurate strategies for Business owners and Career Professionals ... 'Yolanda's Readings are an invaluable investment in maximizing your success'

Business and Career Reading

Business / Career Readings are fully detailed, accurate & insightful strategies for businesses, managers, HOD's & Career professionals. Maximize your success, avoid obstacles, overcome challenges, enhance your productivity and profits, enrich your professional relationships, eliminate costly outgoings - READ MORE HERE

'Absolutely on the money!' - 60+ mins

'Absolutely on the money!' - 60+ mins