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Intuitive psychic Readings to help you work through life's transitions and achieve your best potential in life, love and business

Your GOLD Reading

60 mins+ ... Yolanda reads all aspects of who you are and how you can create a great life for yourself, now and in the future - comprehensive, detailed, accurate ... READ MORE

We can cover a lot for you in a Silver personal psychic reading

Your SILVER Reading

30+ mins ... A 'mini-view' of where you are and how to move forward into more happiness - focused, detailed, precise READ MORE

Business and Career Readings

Business and Career Readings

Focused, accurate, detailed strategies for business and career professionals. Save your valuable time and money and make wise, fully informed, business decisions and career choices - 1 hr $295

1-on-1 Intuitive Consultations


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"I'm passionate about helping you have a better quality of life ...

My intuitive, psychic readings offer you a nation-wide, ethical service ... 

I'm professional, caring and whether you have your appointment in person, by landline or Skype, I'll do my best to support you as promptly and effectively as possible".